William Sebrans

Media Team

I am an astrologer and life coach, using whatever arises at my disposal to evoke the best and most awakened version of myself and those who cross my path. Human Design and the Enneagram are key tools in the arsenal which I use to triangulate with the astrological map.

During the 80’s-90’s, I had a stint as a lite tycoon in the Silicon Valley executive and technical search field, and then trained in life/business coaching when the field was emerging at that time.

I confess to recovering from self-diagnosed M.A.D. – Mystical Addiction Disorder –that began in the trenches of the Gurdjieff work in my early twenties and I currently assist others with the same persistent affliction. Northern California near Nevada City is my home where I continue my love affair with figs, golden retrievers and community radio.


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