December 19, 2018

Gene Key 3 – Acupoint Synopsis by Alaya DeNoyelles

Gene Key 3

Kunlun Mountain, Bladder 60

This hexagram is comprised of the trigrams of Water overThunder/Fire. The associated source AcuPresence point is the fire point on the yang water meridian, Kunlun Mountain, Bladder 60.

December 14, 2018

Dan Regan – Will Power

  Whatever the amount of will power we carry in this life, a HUGE consideration has to be put into WHERE we decide to channel this […]
December 9, 2018

Mobile Info Team – Help Reunite Separated Families

December 9, 2018

Gene Keys Society – November Newsletter

Every month we will be introducing our teams across the Society. In this edition we present the Pulse team who provide the motivationals each week.
November 28, 2018

Generosity and Healing from the Inside Out

2018 has been a great year for Gene Keys and the Society! Together we:

Welcomed our First Gene Keys Ambassadors in a nine-month Virtual Initiation Retreat

Upgraded our Website and moved to Free Society Membership

Created a partnership with Rodrigo Nino that will enable the Assemblage’s new ‘Game of Life’, powered by Gene Keys, to bring the transmission right into the global mainstream.

November 20, 2018

Mobile Info Team – Our Achievements in October

November 11, 2018

57th Gene Key by Dani Katz

Dani Katz Dani Katz established her reputation as one of Los Angeles’ finest literary talents by way of her bold voice, her expanded perspective and her […]
November 3, 2018

Gene Keys Society – October Newsletter

Vale et Salve: Farewell and Welcome!

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