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“Your outer life is constantly reflecting your inner process back at you. As one of the first transmitters of the Gene Keys, my role is simply to lay down the structural map of the overall synthesis. It is up to each of us to fill it in and bring it alive with our own brand of genius. This is is what this synthesis really is: it is a living library that is constantly updating itself and recognising its own infinite fractal patterns.”

– Richard Rudd, Introduction to the Gene Keys

Contribute Your Article to “What’s New”

The Gene Keys Society media team is inviting members of our global community to join this collective exploration of the Gene Keys Wisdom alive in our everyday life. Do you have an article you have written or a video you have created? How has the Gene Keys impacted you and your community? Harness the gifts of your voyage, and share your genius with the world!

All Gene Keys Society members are able to post to the many forums throughout this website, as well as contribute directly to the Living Library, and contemplations for each of the 64 keys.

“What’s New” is an editorial section of the Gene Keys Society, designed to highlight what members of our community have harvested from their inner work, and showcase inspiration and insights from many unique voices and perspectives throughout our global family.

If you have articles or other media you would like to submit to our Media Team, please review the following guidelines and use the contact form at the bottom of this page to begin the review process. For smaller contributions, please continue to use the Society Forums to share your direct and instant insights, questions, and creative contemplations. “What’s New” submissions will be reviewed by our media team before being released.

Thank you for your patience and support as we begin to apply this new experiment in communicating together and to the world.

“What’s New” Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for in posts:

  • Articles that relate to the Gene Keys Transmission of wisdom
  • Articles that bring fresh insight, creativity, and value to potential readers, especially in offering ways to deepen contemplation of the gene keys
  • Articles that are well written, thoroughly proofread / spellchecked
  • While quality is our yardstick, we prefer articles of between 400 – 1200 words, with an upper maximum of 1800 words. Longer articles can be broken into several installments.
  • Articles that uphold the Values & Principles of the Gene Keys Society
  • Articles that illuminate individual and local community genius, bringing the many different perspectives of the Gene Keys embodied in our daily experience alive for the collective witness
  • Articles with photos / art (with permission) to include throughout the article

Assets needed for posts:

  • Title of Article.
  • Author Name and Country.
  • Medium to high res image of Author.
  • Author Bio and Link to Website.
  • Medium to high res “Featured Image” if desired.
  • Can include several photos inserted throughout the article.
  • Break up longer text with either photos or subtitles.

Contributors are asked to:

  • Give permission that their article may be used (with attribution) for promotional purposes in social media.
  • Understand that articles may be rejected during content quality control. The media team may also suggest edits to improve an article during the submission process.
  • Recognise a difference between Advertising and articles reflecting the production process or relevance of a product/service in relation to the Gene Keys as a whole. We look for the latter and we invite Society Members who wish to advertise to post their own copy on our moderated Marketplace Forum.

Submit your Article

You can use the contact form below to submit your article or ask questions directly to the media team. Please save all images compressed for web. If you see a “Red X” during the submission process, your file type is too large to send. If you need to send larger files, please inform us in the Message section.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
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