Sonhui Lamson

We are happy to present Sonhui as our first volunteer of the Month for March.

Sonhui has been volunteering as a first line Gene Keys website programmer in the Society since summer of 2018.

A programmer with many years of experience and skill, her presence and dedication in supporting all technical aspects of website and admin work is amazing. She is involved in many teams, contributing to find solutions to challenges and issues, making the workflow behind the scenes smooth and easy.

With her soft, focused and cheerful way of being, she makes it easy for everyone to work with her and understand even complex topics. She loves supporting the Society and its community in this way as it is meaningful for her and useful to the whole at the same time. It also allows her to tap into the flow of balance and oneness as well as gaining more insights of the Gene Keys.

We are delighted to name Sonhui Lamson Volunteer of the Month.

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