Venus Path NOW 2nd Gene Keys – Jane Adams

                          Madonna and two brats – copy after Botticelli



I learnt more about the Lines, this time around, and how they embody the days.  6th line (yesterday) reviews the previous five, “with perspective and gratitude”.  Each 6th day therefore regards its laurel in a general way.  For me the 6th line recalls the fairytale dream Rapunzel in her tower and wakes her up again … into the Avtamsaka Sutra’s infinite Tower of towers of innumerable jewels, the trees in the wood.

Venus path now leaves my Attractor sphere and the Dharma and enters the Karma … Kabbalistically, from the Moon to Mercury.  How do I walk my talk?  Perhaps it’s easier, as I leave my hugely absorbing Attractor 2.3 towards my IQ key: the Ease of Being (10.4).

The texture is superabundant.  One of these days it will liberate itself into what I used to think was nothing.  The feminine space in all the lines is the binding force within the atom of Unity.   Here is the Reality of the second gene key – no-thing:  the pregnant void.   Before treading the Karmic path to the IQ sphere, receive this teeming, un-named maternal koan.

My 2 leads to 10, which is 1.   Computer programming rests on 1 and 0.

Throughout life and throughout the world are desperate efforts to cling to something and to get direction.  It is not a mainstream river but the empty quarter in the Earth: the magnetic polar space; axis without end.

All directions of the magnetic compass meet here where it floats.  Discover something even more profound than Water!  It is Earth and Earth is spaciousness. All the lines are broken into space.  All the lines are Yin.  “Where can I go?  I am here,” Ramana Maharshi said when dying, and that is how it feels whenever my 2 brings me into this NOW and the thoughts vanish.

The empty quarter is that part of the Arabian desert which modern Dubai is built on the fringe of – on a ganglion of ley-lines.  I have Wilfred Thesiger’s book of his journey through the empty quarter.  I once planned to read it to an elder who was buried last week.  She was 98 and she had loved the Middle East; and we saw her off and into the earth with four white horses and the release of seven white homing doves.

The power of the feeling passing through my stem is a healing power on its own journey somewhere, through transmitters.  It will reach somewhere by domino effect, a person who speaks to and topples another in the wave. It is instantaneous.  It penetrates the world.  It is Nature’s power of One.

Reaching our zenith as human thinkers (Richard says), we prepare to enter the infinite solar plexus connection which is human being.

In the Shadow frequency it is natural for the male to go first: to defend.  Then it became a pattern in society and in the psyche.  The Mother, the Yin gives birth before the first-going male.

One of the translations for KUN the name of the Second Hexagram, is “FIELD”.   This reflection began with the idea of a field-force.

Orientation – the 2nd Gift – is a mineral magnetic graviton.

                                                  My mother near Pwllderi, south Wales

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