Dedicated to Mairi nighean Alasdair Ruaidh



Folding, Furling

Cape of a Red Troubadour swirling

Within her knapsack

Seeds of Rowan and Yew

A beginning and an ending


Furling, folding

Cape of a Red Troubadour swirling

Sucking supernova

The breast milk of Nuit

From within the chasm


Furling, folding

Cape of a Red Troubadour swirling

A mortal life upon

A pathway to infinity

The White Swan beyond


Folding, furling

Cape of a Red Troubadour swirling

Transparent plasma

Radiant light of stars

The soul  is returning


Alison Dhuanna, UK

I am an astrologer and priestess initiated into the Western Mystery Tradition living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire in the UK. I specialise in Goddess Asteroids and feel my work is very much about anchoring the Divine Feminine frequencies. I play gong baths and use voice and other sacred instruments for healing.

I belong to a collective of 3 called Deepsong Sacred Sound Journeys playing for world peace. In the past few years with my partner I have become an explorer of ley lines and rivers in the UK and Europe singing and making offerings on our adventures, exploring the Earth’s grid of light.

This poem and left-handed drawing emerged from my contemplative period between Gene Keys IQ 28.1 Immortality and 59.5 Transparency in the Venus Sequence where the inner pathways of infinity opened up. In this period on my travels in the Outer Hebrides I came across the grave of a Bardic Poetess called Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh. She was unmarried which was unusual for her time (approx 1650AD) and was the poet for the Chief of the Clan Alasdair McLeod. Her story is quite tragic because she was exiled to Mull accused of witchcraft through her songs because some of the children of the king died. It was no doubt an infectious illness or perhaps a water borne disease, but she was blamed. Eventually she returned and secretly started to write what she called ‘crooning’ to avoid being exiled again. She asked to be buried face down which is highly symbolic of being silenced or perhaps she felt she had in some way been responsible.

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