The Pulse

The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

September 10, 2018

The Key of Transmutation (Sept 10 – Sept 15)

"To really look deeply into your fears is to undergo a major transmutation. But transmutations are not a comfortable business for people at the Shadow level of consciousness because to go through such an alchemical process you have to let go of all definitions of who and what you are.

What we humans don't realise is that the grail we seek is hiding beneath our fear. The very thing that terrifies you the most is your route to a higher evolution.

The only way to transcend suffering is to move more deeply into it, embracing every feeling and event that comes to you. This is the way of deep immersion in the currents of life. It is the way of surrender."

- The 47th Gene Key, the Shadow of Oppression and the Gift of Transmutation

September 4, 2018

The Key of Imagination (Sept 4 – Sept 9)

“Confusion is the state of utter incompleteness. If we don't embrace it, we never get the leap. The key to overcoming confusion is time...allow it time to reveal the mystery and the magic. Receive the visions, trust them and allow them to transform you into Illumination."

- The 64th Way

August 29, 2018

The Key of Resolve (Aug 29 – Sept 3)

“The deepest surrender we can come to in life is that we can't choose.  This is our alchemy - to be in the hands of a force that is far beyond us.”

- The 40th Way, the Siddhi of Divine Will

August 22, 2018

The Key of Intimacy (Aug 23 – Aug 28)

"Transparency is a truly beautiful and soulful Siddhi. It’s romantic in the greatest sense of high Romance. It is courtly love. It empties us of our Self and fills us with its Self. It negates, obliterates and annihilates us. It’s like the wind that blows through all creation, knitting us all together into celestial, holographic union."

- The 59th Way, the Siddhi of Transparency

August 22, 2018

The Key of Commitment (Aug 17 – Aug 22)

"To live half-heartedly means that you never fully embrace and trust your decisions. This Shadow makes you constantly worry about your decisions and where they might or might not lead you. The great illusion of failure and success is that they are simply inner attitudes linked to your beliefs about yourself. To move beyond the domain of this 29th Shadow you will have to let go of all such ideas and allow life to catapult you into and through the abyss of the unknown. You must hold back nothing and be totally honest, both with yourself and others."

- The 29th Gene Key, the Shadow of Half-Heartedness

August 13, 2018

The Key of Understanding (Aug 12 – Aug 16)

"Not only will the coming shift bring about a social revolution, but it will also bring an end to one of the great searches of modern man — the search for knowledge. Through the rupturing of the 4th Shadow, understanding will take the place of knowledge and much of the thrust of our modern world will die down. We will no longer need to logically make sense of the paradoxes of existence because our new centre of awareness will give us a physical and energetic understanding of existence. Thus the role of logic in our world will alter. It will no longer be used to defend our prejudices and fears and it will no longer be used for purely personal benefit. Logic, at its highest frequency, is a means to orchestrate the most efficient society possible. True efficiency is based upon a higher holistic understanding of living systems.

Once our understanding shows us how connected we all are to each other, we will see for ourselves that selfishness is the most inefficient frequency of all. The 4th Gift forms the launch pad for an even more refined frequency — the Siddhi of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is born out of understanding, but it occurs when a being makes a leap beyond understanding. Forgiveness is a stage further on from social revolution. Just because a person has understanding and good intention, does not mean that they can orchestrate a perfect society. History has shown that revolutions never change the world — they just change society, and usually only briefly."

- The 4th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Forgiveness

August 7, 2018

The Key of Guidance (Aug 6 – Aug 11)

"Facilitators, as the name suggests, make communication and implementation easier and smoother. People with the 7th Gift do not lead from the front, but guide the energy of the group itself. They create a space in which an organic team harmony can develop on its own, with minimal interference. They are often content to allow others with the requisite gifts to stand in the limelight while they lead quietly from behind the scenes, and in this sense the 7th Gene Key is an archetype of the power behind the throne. This is the true meaning of Guidance — trusting in the life process, rather than forcing matters by taking control. This ability to surrender to life itself is the foundation of true leadership....

In the Tao Te Ching, the sage Lao Tzu speaks about true virtue as it impacts society through the superior man. Even though the language may be archaic, the message is pure — the secret of virtue lies in complete surrender to nature. Indeed, the word Te in the title of this profound work is a word generally translated as virtue. It was also through this book that a wonderful and oft-quoted saying was born: “Virtue is its own reward.” Therein lies the other great secret of virtue; it lies beyond the need for recognition and beyond the need to be of service. Virtue is simply the unimpeded expression of nature through men or women living at their zenith."

- The 7th Gene Key, the Gift of Guidance and the Siddhi of Virtue

July 31, 2018

The Key of Mindfulness (July 31 – Aug 5)

"Sanskaras are the specific memories that you carry from life to life according to the karma you have taken on in this lifetime. These are actually far more than simple memories — they are charges of kinetic energy stored in the sheaths of your consciousness, which over time determine the shape of your life and your destiny. Sanskaras give rise to all human desires, which in turn create more sanskaras. Thus the ancients say you are caught in a wheel or a net of your own making — paradoxically unable to remember who you truly are because of the memories you keep creating.

The 33rd Shadow is the great shadow of our forgetting..How then, do we ever escape this mad paradoxical hall of mirrors when every desire we have serves only to tighten the net around us? Well, there is one desire that is the exception — the desire to remember yourself..

The feeling of cellular memory between people is a sign of a karmic bond, and all karmic bonds are formed from sanskaras. Such relationships are always intense and can be very challenging. They are love/ hate relationships. When you enter deeply into such a relationship and stay committed to its process you are courting the presence of grace. To accept the trial is to transform the co-dependent pattern of the relationship into a higher frequency and this takes great love and surrender. There is no situation on earth that cannot be used as a means to raise your frequency and open your heart to your inner Divinity."

- The 33rd Gene Key, the Shadow of Forgetting