The Pulse

The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

October 26, 2018

The Key of Totality (Oct 26 – Oct 30)

"The prime purpose at a physical level is to maintain your health for as long as possible, but there is another core purpose built into us - to evolve. For a human being evolution means creative uniqueness. We are each born with a creative purpose that no other human being carries. If you are to release your true creativity into the world, you must meet your own dark side. In other words, you must at some point face your deepest fear of death.

To be total in the sense of this Gift means to live without allowing your mind to dictate your life. This is life lived for the moment, in the full knowledge that life purpose can only be found in the present moment rather than the distant future.

Whereas Totality means to live life to the utmost, Immortality means to die into the everlasting moment. To do this, your sense of identity and separateness must first die, leaving only life in its place. Once there is no localised centre of awareness, there is no death because there is nothing to die. Only consciousness remains, moving from one form to another endlessly."

- The 28th Gene Key, the Shadow of Purposelessness, the Gift of Totality and the Siddhi of Immortality

October 20, 2018

The Key of Equilibrium (Oct 20 – Oct 25)

"Life initiates us and tests our equanimity constantly. It is in fact very compassionate and generous in this way, if we can view life from that level. Everything that happens to us is for our higher benefit. We’re here to learn to live with equanimity. Even shock has the capacity to lift us with Grace to another level of consciousness.

As our equanimity becomes truly stable, we become unshakeable. We become truly peaceful, and our life opens up to a higher reality, a harmony that lies hidden from view but is communicated continuously to us from every cell within our DNA.

As we attune to the higher harmony, so all our subtle bodies come into harmony. The inner light that they emit is communicated through resonance through our lower vehicles, and we experience transformation. We are musical beings. We’re built like an octave, and all those notes need to be plucked in the right way through our opening up to love. Then the emotional system is transcended, the mind falls silent, the physical body becomes radiant and we enter the state of self illumination."

- The 50th Way, the Siddhi of Harmony

October 14, 2018

The Key of Preservation (Oct 14 – Oct 19)

"To live well and savour more moments, to sip from the arc of aeons, to revel in the riot of colour that’s our life, to see the poetics of nature and not pass them by. That’s such an art. All the money in the world isn’t worth the ability to learn the art of living well.

If we want to be different from the crowd, if we want to stand out and be a true rebel, then we have to slow down the pace of the Shadow inside us. We have to become a contemplative. We have to let others see the radiance of the river of our life as it meanders rather than rushes.

The real discipline is to pause. We have to learn how to pause and listen inwardly to life. Without that discipline, we can’t really get anywhere at all."

- The 32nd Way

October 8, 2018

The Key of Intuition (Oct 9 – Oct 13)

"Clarity is about seeing softness at the heart of all things. In the acoustic field of life, everything rises from softness and returns to the same softness. When you live your life in harmony with this softness, you come into accord with what the ancients called the Tao - the transcendence of the opposites.

Furthermore - as you open yourself to this gentleness, this manifestation of clarity, it will reveal itself in your life continually - through the sound of the wind furrowing the treetops, or a puff of could drifting across an ocean sky.

Despite what our minds assume, gentleness knows no weakness. It simply operates according to its own laws and timing. Operating beyond weakness and strength, it permeates everything. Clarity is the realisation that everything is linked through gentleness."

- The 57th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Clarity

October 3, 2018

The Key of Resourcefulness (Oct 3 – Oct 8)

"Deep within the form, the atomic structure of life, lies all this untapped energy and the 48th Gift knows how to release it. We can apply this to any sphere of life. There have always been those in the world who see things, who know things. They don’t know how they know - that’s the nature of not-knowing. They can use this Gift to their advantage and the advantage of others.

It’s a felt gift, an intuitive gift, a magical gift. If it’s channeled into service it even increases, whereas if it’s used for solely one’s own benefit, it will eventually dry up."

- The 48th Way, the Gift of Resourcefulness

September 26, 2018

The Key of Integrity (Sept 27 – Oct 2)

"We only really help and enter into the field of integrity when we're no longer in reaction. Our service can't come from anger. It must come from love, from wisdom, from realisation. It isn't showy or provocative. Integrity leads by example.

Integrity knows that underneath there's Perfection, but it also acknowledges on the surface that there's work to be done."

- The 18th Way, the Gift of Integrity

September 22, 2018

The Key of Delight (Sept 22 – Sept 26)

"The 46th Gift is a great Gift of love and lives through the heart. It’s fluent in the language of emotion but never overwhelmed by emotion. It loves dialogue, connection, touch, laughter, good food, and good living.

When our inner being is at rest or play, then Ecstasy can come. Only then can it visit us, and it will play inside us in soft zephyrs, swirling subtly at first. Then we’ll experience times of intense softness when it seems light is flowing all around us."

- The 46th Way, the Gift of Delight and the Siddhi of Ecstasy

September 15, 2018

The Key of Diplomacy (Sept 16 – Sept 21)

"Think of the most challenging relationship in your life right now and ask yourself what is the essence of that Conflict? It is that we have an unconscious belief or fear that other person has some control over us, over our freedom and over our emotions.

When we look deeply and honestly into these relationships, we see something else. We see that this person is allowing us access to an inner conflict inside ourselves, a conflict that runs very, very deep. It’s the conflict we have with the unconscious fear in our DNA.

Once we begin to realise that these fears are inside and not outside, we break out of the patterns that are holding that relationship at the Shadow frequency."

- The 6th Way, the Shadow of Conflict