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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

March 7, 2019

The Key of Grace (Mar 8 – Mar 13 2019)

"When our Soul shines out, we begin to let go of the need for pleasure. We become grateful for whatever life brings. When we feel grateful to life, it’s because we’re so aware of death, and so our priorities are transformed. As we let go of pleasure, we also let go of pain. The two are inextricably linked. It’s not as though they go away. They don’t – their delightful musical fugue continues, but we don’t shuttle desperately from one to the other. We become accepting of life and its rhythms.

We are no longer a victim of the pleasure/pain cycle, so we rise up and our frequency lifts us. We feel equanimous – another lovely word. See how many wonderful words are hiding in this Gift? To live with equanimity is to live life lightly, but at the same time deeply. It means we pay attention, and it involves having an unquenchable inner calm.” "

- The 22nd Way, the Gift of Grace

March 1, 2019

The Key of Inquiry (Mar 2 – Mar 7 2019)

"There’s no such thing as scientific truth. There you go, a bold statement from Mr Rudd. There’s no such thing as scientific Truth. There’s scientific discovery, scientific insight, but never truth. It’s never fixed; inquiry has to always remain open. That’s what the word means, and it’s filled with energy. The moment the min becomes fixed in a finite system or structure, we have dogma and opinion. The moment we have those, we have division once again.

The Gift frequency is of the human heart, and it’s about creativity and love.Inquiry is about having the mind of a child; we’re endlessly unravelling the mystery, but a part of us is really only playing. Our right brain holds the balance; it knows that any answer we come up with can only ever be a relative Truth. This is a magical perspective and it means we’re no longer a victim of logic or thinking, but can use it in service of the whole."

- The 63rd Way, the Gift of Inquiry

February 26, 2019

The Key of Equality (Feb 25 – Mar 1 2019)

"The 37th Gift will always find itself in the heart of communities or families, bringing cohesion to some weakened strata of society. The 37th Gift helps others overcome their weaknesses, and helps them towards greater independence and freedom. This is why the 37th Gift is such a healthy energy for any community.

It’s a strange paradox that we come to equality through inequality. By catalysing others towards greater rebelliousness and independence we actually create a more powerful linkage in the world. This is the secret to good parenting - we help the child become independent, unlock their Gifts, and in doing so it seems we’re helping them move further away. But the opposite is true, freedom engenders loyalty. Sometimes the Gift of Equality has to step back from a relationship in order that the other becomes stronger on their own."

- The 37th Way, the Gift of Equality

February 19, 2019

The Key of Freedom (Feb 19 – Feb 24 2019)

"The 55th Gene Key is all about romancing Freedom. We have to romance it; we can’t rush headlong at it like a battering ram. Freedom is a feminine spirit. What woman wants that, I ask? The feminine has to be courted, serenaded, romanced. The mystery has to be followed through to its conclusion, wherever she leads us, whatever bizarre pathways she draws us down. We only find Freedom from following our nature. There are no short cuts.

All human beings will eventually realise the state of inner Freedom. It’s about allowing ourself simply to be the way we are, and if that changes, let it change, and if it doesn’t, let it not change. We can just be the way nature intended us to be. That is Freedom.

- The 55th Way, the Siddhi of Freedom

February 13, 2019

The Key of Lightness (Feb 14 – Feb 18 2019)

"Rapture comes when all our desires have been purified into a single over-arching desire – the desire to return to our source, the yearning for the light - freedom from suffering. This is after all what all desires really are - the desire to be free from suffering - the desire for God. Sometimes I just have to use the G word. I mean let's be honest - you're here listening to this because we're all seeking God. We’re seeking the source. We’re yearning for that source.

The Sufis are good in this area. They know all about the cleaning fire. They know about Devotion. They say to become your longing, realise how deep it goes, and then let it burn you and burn you until you're on fire with it. We can choose an external figure if we wish - our lover, our guru, our god. It can be any deity. The figure becomes the symbol of our longing, and we pour that long into the symbol. Maybe it's because they came out of the deserts, out of the fire and heat, maybe that's why the Sufis and the Arabic cultures resonate so much with these Siddhis.

Rapture is to become possessed by our longing, our love. It's to become drunk with it. It's to let it burn us clean. We offer up our every desire to God or the guru. We see everything that captivates our desire as a mirror of the one we seek. Because we offer it up and forgo it on the external plane, the fuel elevates our consciousness."

- The 30th Way, the Siddhi of Rapture

February 7, 2019

The Key of Revolution (Feb 8 – Feb 13 2019)

"The future human, the Trivian human, will look to us like an awakened genius and there will be thousands and thousands of us. Such a fellowship will change structures all across the planet, replanting our world with new systems that are hyper-efficient, that save energy, money, time and needless suffering. The new human is a recycling centre on every level.

We recycle emotion, suffering and toxin, and the earth has a lot of toxin. We’ve created a huge amount of toxic material that won’t naturally biodegrade. We’re going to find new ways to return these materials back to their natural states. In this sense we’ll become reverse alchemists, so that we can clean up the mess we’ve made of Gaia."

- The 49th Way, the Siddhi of Rebirth

February 1, 2019

The Key of Discernment (Feb 2 – Feb 7 2019)

"This is the gift of hearing another’s heart. We can only do that when we can hear our own heart. The heart exists on a higher plan, at a higher frequency than the mind or emotions. This is what the Gift frequency is; it’s sometimes known as the casual plane. When we hit this higher frequency, our mind becomes more still, and we begin to hear what’s really being said.

We begin to listen to the evolutionary impulse moving behind events, behind everything. We begin to feel the hidden higher purpose behind everything. We begin to remember the secret. When we listen from our heart, our soul, then we begin to see hope in everything around us.

In listening to a higher frequency, we first of all have to resonate at that frequency. Our whole body has to vibrate at a higher frequency, and then we feel more of the truth. We feel through our body, our organs, particularly through our belly, and we begin to feel the higher purpose within things.

The more we listen in this way, holding someone’s higher purpose always foremost, the more we’ll emanate that through our listening, and the more others will feel that trust emanating from us."

- The 13th Way, the Gift of Discernment

January 27, 2019

The Key of Sensitivity (Jan 28 – Feb 1 2019)

"The path of frequency through the 19th Gift goes from co-dependence to independence and finally to interdependence. Interdependence represents a quantum leap beyond the other two, and its realisation is the future destiny of our species.

In many ways, it is the 19th Shadow of Co-dependence that contains the seed of the 19th Siddhi of Sacrifice. In a co-dependent relationship, both partners have sacrificed a part of their true selves to the relationship, and the resulting lack of synthesis they feel drives the negative patterns of the relationship. In a relationship that is truly interdependent, both partners also sacrifice their sense of individuality into a higher vision of their Divinity, holding nothing back for themselves at all.

The true meaning of interdependence is about entering into a state of union with all beings in the cosmos, which involves the death of the separate self.

This kind of sacrifice can only occur when you give your heart unconditionally to another. Instead of dying, you are actually reborn as a higher dimensional being.

In surrendering your smaller self, you attain realisation of your greater Self. Our awareness is like a series of Russian dolls — as we make each leap in awareness, we come to realise we are housed within a wider framework than we had previously understood.

- The 19th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Sacrifice