The Pulse

The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

March 23, 2020

The Key of Far-Sightedness (Mar 24 – Mar 29 2020)

"At the end, we will remember all. We will be able to replay all our lives and see the thread of our evolution. All will be seen in its golden perfection. I have told some stories of Omniscience during this series.There are many great teachers who have displayed this gift. It used to be much more common. In the highlands of Scotland where I spent some years when I was younger, there was always a tradition of people with the second sight, and it was often passed on genetically through the same family. Always there have been seers and oracles in the world. But one day we will all see again through the single eye. It is the eye of the I. Nothing is hidden from the eye of Truth. So it comes towards the end of evolution. It’s a kind of finale. When this eye opens, it opens in humanity as a whole. Illumination pours through it and purifies us.With sight comes the end of evil or corruption. That’s why it is called the evil eye. Because it ends evil. You can’t hide from yourself.You have to face yourself. We see these images of deities with thousands of eyes. Imagine all those eyes staring into your being. And they don’t just stare.They cleanse you.This is the gaze of God."

- Transcribed from Dare to be Divine Webinar Series

March 17, 2020

The Key of Acceptance (Mar 18 – Mar 23 2020)

"The great antidote to trauma is love. There is much hype in the modern world about the true meaning of love. Few are those who have truly discovered the source of love inside the human heart. Yet this is the reward of the Art of Contemplation. As our awareness continues to open deeper pools of calm, old patterns and pain come to the surface for healing, and out of these patterns emerges our higher purpose in the world. The ancient Sufis of the Middle Eastern deserts gave the whole of their lives to the singular study of the subject of love. Over many generations they created an exquisite science of love that has never been surpassed. They distinguished many forms of love and gave them precise names. The name they gave to the highest form of human love is Ishq – Pure Love. Pure love is unconditional and arises in the heart when all wounds have been healed. This is the great love our poets have always sung of – the love that stitches together the very fabric of our world. Although it may seem to many like a romantic dream, pure love is the only lasting legacy we humans have. There is nothing comparable to it in all of creation. All our knowledge and science and self importance falls away in the presence of such love. It is this love that we come from, and this love that we will return to. It is the fathomless mystery of the human heart. This pure love, though hard earned and seldom witnessed on our earth, is the ultimate reward of the deeper reaches of contemplation. Those few who have embodied it throughout history have found few words to describe it. They speak of it as an indescribable peace that resides in the human heart. It is this heart of peace that lies buried like a glittering gem inside each of us. It awaits the day when we will gather the courage to pierce our fear and softly allow the petals of our hearts to once again open fully."

- Excerpt from The Art of Contemplation

March 12, 2020

The Key of Humanity (Mar 13 – Mar 17 2020)

"With our heart open it isn’t possible to be overwhelmed. The heart can open infinitely to accommodate anything and everything. When we meet Compassion, we meet God within a human being. When we look in the eyes of Compassion, we’ll see the only force within the universe with no agenda. Compassion may carry great ferocity in that moment, or it may brush our heart with the lightness of a feather. Whatever state we find ourself in, Compassion supplies its equalising force and creates an opening, a wormhole, and we have no choice but to pass through that wormhole and enter deeper into our essence."

- Excerpt from the 64 Ways 

March 6, 2020

The Key of Graciousness (Mar 07 – Mar 12 2020)

"When you are in the presence of a very young child, you may be able to detect the subtle aura of the light that surrounds them. Sometimes you will have the impression that they are looking at things in the surrounding space that you cannot see. The infant in their first few years of life swims in this inner world of light. They come to the earth plane trailing the other world with them, and the beings from this other world are attracted to their purity and their untarnished innocence. It is every adult’s highest potential to regain this state of illumination, but to do so they must move through a profound healing of their deepest Core Wound - the ancestral genetic pattern that they also brought with them when they incarnated." 'We are a passage towards the Divine, and our suffering is the river that leads us finally to the Ocean of You, of I am.'

- Fragment from The Seven Sacred Seals

March 1, 2020

The Key of Inquiry (Mar 02 – Mar 06 2020)

"There’s no such thing as scientific Truth. There’s scientific discovery, scientific insight, but never Truth. It’s never fixed; inquiry has to always remain open. The moment the mind becomes fixed in a finite system or structure, we have dogma and opinion. The moment we have those, we have division. As humanity begins to open its heart in the epoch that lies before us, more and more layers of Truth will be revealed. We’ve been through the Age of Outer Inquiry, and we’re now passing into the Age of Inner Inquiry, in which more and more people will begin to turn naturally inwards and seek the source of their being."

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways

February 24, 2020

The Key of Equality (Feb 25 – Mar 01 2020)

"The mother is also the place of infinite Tenderness where all members of the family can return to rest and remember their essence and purpose. More even than a single person, the mother is a feeling of safety and trust that allows all human beings to excel. The 37th Siddhi speaks into this great mystery of the mother essence. Tenderness is a collective fire, engendered through mutual compassion, fanned by the winds of Grace and carrying the transformative power of Truth."

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways

February 18, 2020

The Key of Freedom (Feb 19 – Feb 24 2020)

"You can’t chase Freedom. You can’t run out and sell everything and drop your dreams and become a monk or a hermit drifting about. We have no chance of dropping our dreams. We have to be so patient. Freedom will come on its own, without our doing anything. We have to live as a human, with all the trappings and trimmings. And from within our humanity, Freedom will arise naturally.

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways

February 12, 2020

The Key of Lightness (Feb 14 – Feb 18 2020)

"Look at your life and realise that everyone around you is God in a disguise. They’re here to teach you, remind you - that beneath our veneer, we are one rippling field of love, of Divine rapture. To let that in is our highest purpose. We need a new wave of ecstatics in the modern world. The materialists need to be challenged. They need to be taken on. I don’t wish them ill. I wish them to awaken, so that we can embrace each other, so that we can repair the world, so that we can all be unified in the Rapture. "

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways