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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

July 18, 2019

The Key of Enrichment (July 19 – July 24 2019)

"The 56th Gift knows a great truth — true enjoyment is rooted inside your being rather than in the external. As you begin to embody this truth, your awareness naturally turns inward. The same energy that would have become a distraction in the outer world turns inward towards your own source. As it does so it causes an inner transformation. Over a period of time, the 56th Gift actually trains you how to meditate. You may not meditate formally, but you enter into a state of meditation where sensual desires are seen for what they are — illusory attempts at fulfillment. This does not mean that you become some kind of mendicant or ascetic, but it does break your addiction to seeking fulfillment in the external world. As this occurs, the life lived through your senses becomes highly refined. You even begin to develop your extra senses — the higher attributes of your subtle bodies beyond the physical, emotional and mental worlds. One of the wonderful traits of those with this Gift is that they enrich others through what they have learned in life. The ability to discipline yourself when necessary leads to your being seen by others as a potential role model. If you have the strength to love yourself, others are automatically drawn to you."

- The 56th Way, the Gift of Enrichment

July 12, 2019

The Key of Precision (July 13 – July 18 2019)

"The 62nd Gene Key sees the entire holographic cosmos. Everything is connected to everything else in perfect harmony. Every experience is perfect, including the timing of our awakening. Precision is everywhere, and the more we start seeing it and imbibing it the more we relax and come into deeper harmony. And this coming into harmony will put us through a few initiations,and they often feel far from harmonious. Stepping out of the maya is like leaving the earth's orbit, and we have to build up a certain escape velocity to punch through its veil. The Gene Keys are not facts; they're wormholes that open into love. They're stitches in the holographic fabric of time and space and our awareness can travel along them. This is a magical system, because we live in a magical universe. We can read the book, and then forget what we've read. We won't be tested; this isn't that kind of a world anymore. The Gene Keys will teach us how to use the number to transcend the number. They teach us how to use a language in order to transcend it, and they teach us from the inside. All we have to do is keep contemplating."

- The 62nd Gene Key, the Gift of Precision

July 7, 2019

The Key of Expansion (July 8 – July 12 2019)

"The Gift of Expansion is about the Expansion of awareness, love, and creativity, and those three together create a perfect harmony. Awareness without love can be cruel, love without awareness can be painful, and creativity without love can be reckless. Expansion comes without effort and emerges naturally, slowly, quietly. It brings calm rather than excitement. It brings simplicity rather than complexity, perspective rather than ambition. It all comes through slowing down."

- The 53rd Gene Key, the Gift of Expansion.

July 1, 2019

The Key of Dynamism (July 2 – July 7 2019)

"The 39th Gene Key is very powerful, and its Shadow of Provocation is about life provoking us, making us feel uncomfortable so that we’ll have to look deeper into ourselves. We can never escape the Shadow. It's relentless. It will go on pursuing us, whoever we are, wherever we are. It doesn't matter if we have it in our Profile either. It will still find us through the consciousness field of the world, of someone else. Whoever disturbs us will bring it to us. So how about doing something radical? Instead of running from it, why not let it in? Look at the things that wind you up. Look at the obstructions that life places in your way - along your destiny, in your relationships, in your work, in your body. Take courage and look into yourself. Which pattern or habit is it connected to? Our intuition will tell us. Our body will tell us. And then, don't doubt what you hear. Contemplate it and maybe you'll find yourself doing something about it."

- The 39th Gene Key, the Gift of Dynamism

June 25, 2019

The Key of Restraint (June 26 – July 1 2019)

"When we meet someone living out of this Gift, we're meeting someone whose breath is rooted deeply inside their bodies. They’re really like great anchors, they’re so grounded. That's why this is called the Gift of Restraint. An anchor allows an organism to rest, come to a natural pause and regain perspective, clarity, and above all, timing. This Gift has a huge impact on the emotional body. It communicates and exudes calmness throughout the aura. There have always been people in the world who remain completely unflustered by external crises like emotional turmoil or human conflict and war. When we’re grounded inside ourselves, all of Gaia and her natural rhythmic power are at our disposal."

- The 52nd Gene Key, the Gift of Restraint

June 19, 2019

The Key of Magnetism (June 20 – June 25 2019)

"One of the great challenges for modern humanity is to learn how to slow down. The Schumann Resonance is a frequency oscillation that moves far more slowly than most human beings are used to, especially in our modern world. Time moves uniquely for all life on Gaia. She has never been in a hurry. The power of Gaia is the power of greenness. If we left our planet exactly as it is now for a thousand years, our cities and roads would once again become green forests. That is the speed, power and pace of Gaia. Since magnetism is the binding force of all creatures and forms, the more deeply you move into the Schumann Resonance, the more magnetic you become. This is all about trusting in the natural ebb and flow of life events. You can see how the agitation of the lower frequencies so easily experiences these slower frequencies as dullness. The fact is that when the frequency of your DNA hits the Schumann Resonance, your experience of time stops completely. These are truths that are still experienced and embodied by many of the indigenous cultures alive on our planet today. To live closely to the earth’s natural rhythms is to experience the wisdom and clarity that comes of moving more slowly through the world."

- The 15th Gene Key, the Gift of Magnetism

June 12, 2019

The Key of Discrimination (June 14 – June 19 2019)

"Vanity and purity are mirrors at the two ends of the spectrum of human consciousness. With vanity your lower self falls in love with itself, and with purity the Higher Self falls in love with itself. You might say that purity is when the Divine falls in love with You.

This can only happen when you come within the sphere of Divine love. Your behaviour, your thoughts, your feelings, the very air you breathe must resonate to one purpose — what the Sufis call falling in love with the Beloved. The Beloved is not something out there — it is the essence of your true nature, and you do fall into it because it resides deep within you.

Vanity, as we have seen, pursues you right to the end of your journey. Even when you are living from the higher frequency of your Gift, vanity is still there. Only when you have attained the highest peak of consciousness does the mystical event occur — you give up everything you have attained. You have to court annihilation."

- The 12th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Discrimination

June 7, 2019

The Key of Synergy (June 8 – June 13 2019)

"Synergy is like a healing wave that rushes through the human genome. It balances and equalises different chemistries, making a higher group awareness possible. This is our future awareness and any group that comes together for a higher purpose can experience this transformation. We come into Synergy when we’re in a state of trust. All the codons within us create a harmonic resonance. It’s like when we put a magnet beneath a piece of paper that’s covered in iron filings. They all form beautiful organised patterns, but the magnetic field itself is invisible. The universe is like that; trust is like that. We just come into alignment with the whole cosmos, and we feel calm and ease, no matter what we’re going through. Synergy takes place like this at an individual level, within the chemistry of our DNA. It also takes place collectively as we come into alignment with others. "

- The 45th Gene Key, the Gift of Synergy