The Pulse

The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

December 9, 2018

The Key of Artfulness (Dec 9 – Dec 14)

"There are forces in the universe that are literally waiting for us to engage them. There are vast forces for good, forces of Grace. Great changes are made up of many, many tiny changes, invisible changes. The 26th Siddhi begins with the invisible. The invisible is indivisible. The invisible is infinite. God is invisible. We can't see the whole without becoming the whole. How can the part know the whole unless it surrenders its tiny identity into the ocean?It has gone far beyond the notion of reward. its reward is its utter surrender into the benevolence of the one.

Consider how to be an invisible force for good. Contemplate that. How to avoid the limelight? How to use our magician’s tricks to have the light fall on someone else, someone that needs it. Then smile secretly to yourself. You did this. No one will ever know it but you and the Lords of Karma. This is the most beautiful of Siddhi’s. It often plays out through the masters - we don't understand their behaviour. We don't see past the tricks they use, but the true master has his or her own reasons for doing or saying things.

- The 26th Way, the Siddhi of Invisibility

December 4, 2018

The Key of Patience (Dec 4 – Dec 8)

"Deep Patience is like a kind of cooling mist that rises up and calms our aggravated system. It stills the hungry flames. It moistens our dryness. It settles our spirit. It’s watery rather than fiery. It's is actually fathomless. The more we catch our impatient, clinging mind, the more we’ll find this inner space. It’ll begin to open in us, and we’ll find that we can just sit for hours.

The other thing about deep patience is that it's the underlying foundation of love. It is the way in which the Shadow transforms into the Gift, so it’s fundamental to every aspect of the Gene Keys. It’s the field - the spaciousness - the cauldron - in which the dynamic change, the alchemy of life occurs.

Patience is love’s vanguard. This is the whole work we’re each here to do - to transform this suffering that our fate brings us, to accept it gladly into an opening heart, and use that heart to open to deeper love.It isn’t just a nice side plate. It’s the main course. So let’s treasure Patience, and measure our progress by how patient we are."

- The 5th Way, the Gift of Patience

November 27, 2018

The Key of Determination (Nov 28 – Dec 3)

"The magic of the 9th Siddhi is that it can reduce everything down to its essence - and the essence is love.

It’s this spirit that makes us invincible - all the yin qualities - softness, surrender, yielding, play, subtlety.

To be invincible, we must give up our identity, our attachment to the form. We must dive into life, and die to be reborn in eternity. Only that which has already died can be invincible, and then of course, there is no death. There is only our love, cradled in the palm of love, like a tiny hazelnut, eternal and precious and sweet beyond measure."

- The 9th Way, the Siddhi of Invincibility

November 22, 2018

The Key of Strength (Nov 23 – Nov 27)

"The 34th Siddhi demonstrates one of the key attributes of life itself - that of efficiency. In the Ring of Destiny the epiphany of the higher planes encounters and infuses the majesty of the body on the lower planes. The result is pure fusion as spirit enters matter and imbues it with divinity.

When life is not interfered in any way, it becomes highly fluid and efficient. The more you try to force life to flow where yo would like it to go, as opposed to where it wants to go, the less efficient you become and the more energy you use. The most commonly used analogy to this aspect of the 34th Siddhi is the comparison of the life force to water. To echo the words of the great sage Lao Tzu:

‘The very softest thing of all can ride like a galloping horse through the hardest of things.

Like water, like water penetrating rock. And so the invisible enters.

This is why it is wise to act by doing nothing. And how few, how every few understand this!’

- The 34th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Majesty

November 16, 2018

The Key of Competence (Nov 17 – Nov 22)

"The 14th Gene Key represents the element of Gold. Its Programming Partner, the 8th Gene Key, represents silver. They form the Ring of Fire and Water, along with the 1st and 2nd Gene Keys. The 14th Siddhi carries within it the power of materialisation. It can create something out of nothing. This is what alchemy is. We can only do this at the very peak of consciousness. We must have turned ourselves into gold first. There can be no vestige of Shadow left inside us, and then we can work miracles.

As we ascend the ladder of frequency, more will come to us: more joy, more love, more money, more friends, more of everything beautiful. The formula that takes us there? One word – gratitude. We must look at our lives every day and count our blessings. This is the most powerful thing we can do in our lives. Focus on all the beauties in our lives rather than the hardships. In fact, learn how to look at even our hardships with gratitude, because then we will turn them into gold as well.

This is the Midas touch, it’s Possession in Great Measure. It’s the spirit of philanthropy, of gold, of the Sun, on all the riches under the Sun. The can all be ours when we learn to give of ourselves unconditionally, just like the Sun."

- The 14th Way, the Siddhi of Bounteousness

November 13, 2018

The Key of Insight (Nov 11 – Nov 16)

"The 43rd Gift must be a rebel. Its nature is to rebel, not so much as a social or political rebel, but a rebel on the inside and a rebel from the mind. Whatever the mind tries to tell us we don’t buy it or let its expectations deafen us.

The creative rebel breaks through the niceties but is still courteous and respectful. This isn’t an angry rebellion. It’s a rebellion of delight, a glittering pair of eyes. This is vulnerability without being sappy. It’s feisty without being provocative. It’s royalty without pride."

- The 43rd Way, the Gift of Insight

November 5, 2018

The Key of Freshness (Nov 6 – Nov 11)

"Beauty is a lens provided by love. It’s a jewel hanging in the immensity of space and a poetic way of living. It’s an unseen, unsung moment that never ends - a moment of crystal, a shaft of eternity, a gust of wind inside the god.

Let us ask ourselves, can we let go of everything? Can we let the moment cradle us in its arms? Can we court the subtle? Can we be that Yin?

Beauty is beyond all definitions; it’s beyond opposites and sides and male and female. It doesn’t give a damn about our agendas. It’s penetrated to the core, and it’s come to the subtlest Truth - that Beauty is all there is. When that is present in a pair of human eyes, we’re looking into the eyes of a true master - a rare and precious thing."

- The 1st Way, the Siddhi of Beauty

October 30, 2018

The Key of Teamwork (Oct 31 – Nov 5)

"This time we're in now, this transitionary era, this Great Change, is a breakthrough at every level within the universe. The sun is involved, the galaxy is involved, and the entire cosmos is involved. Awareness is opening up within the living chain of being throughout the universe. The hierarchy is becoming aware of itself at another level, and as it does so, its behaviour will shift.

This is what is meant by this wonderful word ‘Synarchy’. Synarchy means that we all lead together. It doesn't mean that we're all the same at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone else.

When we get to Synarchy, it's a whole other level. We realise that our section is playing in concert with a whole other universe of sections, and they're all coming into Symphony. We become aware for the first time of the conductor, and the conductor is inside every single individual part. This is the great revelation of the fractal universe. Inside every single molecule of our DNA is a conductor, the conductor who’s waiting for us to follow their lead."

- The 44th Way, the Siddhi of Synarchy