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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

September 15, 2019

The Key of Diplomacy (Sep 16 – Sep 21 2019)

"Peace has to be found on the inside before it can manifest on the outside. There's no other way. Humanity must discover its true nature. The good news is that our nature is peace, the 6th Siddhi. We live at an amazing crossroads. The world seems more chaotic and unpredictable than ever, and our general level of denial about our way of life seems unstoppable. Yet within all this external chaos, a tiny humble wildflower is growing up through the cracks in the pavement. It's appearing everywhere, all across the human genome, but at first it only takes root in certain people. It's a virus called love. Peace only comes about when love is allowed to expand. Peace is underneath everything. It's there when we all just stop what we're doing and listen. There it is. The birds are singing, the stars are wheeling through space, the ocean comes rolling in, the wind drops. Silence descends-inner silence. Any human being who has discovered the true nature of being has discovered peace, and with it, all seeking comes to an end."

- The 6th Way, the Siddhi of Peace

September 9, 2019

The Key of Transmutation (Sep 10 – Sep 15 2019)

"Contemplation, that state in which our awareness is turning inwards on a regular basis, gives way to Absorption. When this stage is reached, we know. Our whole frequency begins to move into another realm. The intensity remains, but our life becomes at the same time softer, quieter, and our effort begins to drop away. The transfiguration actually begins at the higher reaches of the Gift frequency, as our aura enters the state of Absorption. What is occurring is that our genetic memory is being cleansed, purged, expunged. As it falls away, a new being emerges in its midst change and our karma becomes so purified that are biochemistry goes through some radical alchemical changes. Combinations of hormones are synthesized in our brain stem that were never possible before. They were waiting for the right genetic environmental signals. Now the DNA can release those signals because the frequency of light that is hitting its coding catalyses them. These hormones allow us to enter long periods of pure being, in which greater and greater gaps open out between our thoughts. We become suffused with our own presence, with our essence. Our awareness is now so inward that it comes to a point of complete rest. Then the magic occurs and we reached the centre."

- The 47th Way, the Gift of Transmutation

September 3, 2019

The Key of Imagination (Sep 4 – Sep 9 2019)

"All the 64 Gene Keys are really about light. This light, which is the inner nature of consciousness, is inherent within all forms. It lies obscured until evolution allows it to naturally reveal itself. This is the process of alchemy — the greatest science of all sciences. The 64th Gene Key is an integral aspect of the Ring of Alchemy, which includes three other great alchemical Gene Keys — the 6th Gene Key, which causes confusion in your relationships, the 47th Gene Key, which locks you into a futile battle with your own mind, and the 40th Gene Key, which leads to a profound feeling of isolation. When you are confused, you are alone. The light that moves through the 64th Gene Key wants more than anything to enthuse and fire your mind with inspiration rather than confuse you. But it depends on your attitude, which is the litmus test for your general level of frequency. Therefore, when you are feeling low, it is always best to transmute your thinking onto a higher plane. If you are unable to do this, at the very least you need to wait out the phase and allow it to evolve of its own accord. If you are patient and un-reactive, the light will shine through in the end."

- The 64th Way, the Gift of Imagination

August 28, 2019

The Key of Resolve (Aug 29 – Sep 3 2019)

"When the 40th Siddhi speaks, it will say that there is no path to God because there is no God outside of your aloneness. They may say that all holy practices and methods of seeking God are futile. They may not even talk about their state as mystical or spiritual. These are people who often refute the whole notion of spirituality and holiness. Because of their radical position such masters are not generally popular with the masses, or even with most seekers, but the vibration behind their words is undeniable to anyone who comes near them. The 40th Siddhi exudes an aura of splendid aloneness and displays an exquisite independence from the normal needs of human beings. Their words are simple, logical, penetrating and sometimes deeply shocking. This is how consciousness uses denial as a means to bring others into deeper authenticity, by destroying all your human hopes of attaining a God-like state. Ironically, it is only when your hopes have been dashed that you are empty enough to experience such a state."

- The 40th Way, the Siddhi of Divine Will

August 22, 2019

The Key of Intimacy (Aug 24 – Aug 28 2019)

"Transparency, as we understand the word today, is not even close to what it means at the siddhic level. Today when we speak of being transparent, we mean being open and honest in our communication with others. The Siddhi of Transparency actually involves the dispersion of all aspects of the self back into the sea of creation. In mythical terms, the 59th and 55th Gene Keys represent the force of prime yang and prime yin respectively. The 59th Gift is the seed or semen and the 55th Gift is the egg. When the frequency of this Gene Key reaches the siddhic level, these kinds of symbols cease to have meaning since they no longer function through duality. The semen of the 59th Gene Key is spent and the egg is no longer needed. What you have left is a state beyond description and beyond evolution. Transparency is what remains when evolution becomes meaningless. At a genetic level, the 59th Siddhi cannot exist within the physical body because it is the driving force behind evolution. The state of Transparency carries no agenda or purpose. It simply acts as the conduit for awareness. Thus, the only purpose of the 59th Gene Key is to break down all barriers that stand in the way of union. When this has happened, this aspect of our genetics will no longer be needed."

- The 59th Way, the Siddhi of Intimacy

August 17, 2019

The Key of Commitment (Aug 18 – Aug 23 2019)

"So much of the genius of this Gene Key is about letting go of expectations. We are all on a mystery ride. We may think a decision will lead in one direction, but it ends up leading in another quite different one. All humans have this 29th Gene Key inside us that's attuned to our level of commitment, and that fluctuates. The more we're anchored in the higher frequency of our heart, the less we need to think our way in or out of situations in our life. There are no incorrect decisions in life. The 29th Gift inside each of us knows this above all, and it gives us a vast sense of inner freedom. The funny thing is that as we begin to taste this freedom, we realise how little external conditions have to do with true fulfilment. When we realise that, we no longer postpone our lives either by hopping from one thing to another or by staying somewhere that no longer serves us. We simply smile, and give ourselves continuously to every living moment. That is true commitment."

- The 29th Way, the Gift of Commitment

August 11, 2019

The Key of Understanding (Aug 12 – Aug 17 2019)

"The Gift of Understanding occurs as we let go of our mind’s many tricks of trying to understand and control our life and the daily decisions we make. Our mind can’t give us the answers we’re seeking. It can’t tell us what to eat, where to live, whom to love, what to do, anything. It can only see and play with the polarities of mind itself. It can’t judge. It can only measure. Only our spirit can understand life. Only our spirit can let another person live in our heart. We've all been fools. Fools for love. We seek the answers outside, when all along they're inside us. The light we seek is in our own body, locked away in the DNA. It's so simple to unlock it. Just input the right code. Just see through our own Shadows. Watch our mind, laugh at its antics, as it stumbles and trips its youthful way through the world. When we have cellular understanding, only then does our mind rise up to see through the great questions and paradoxes, and only then does it stop taking sides."

- The 4th Way, the Gift of Understanding

August 5, 2019

The Key of Guidance (Aug 6 – Aug 11 2019)

"Virtue is as delicate as a wild orchid. It can’t thrive or even breathe when we cast our Shadows on each other. We must protect our Virtue from such thoughts, and if others are speaking ill of others, we must protect ourselves from those sick winds. The way we think of others is like the sunlight or the darkness cast before the flower of our Virtue. As we realise this, the flower of our Virtue will return to our heart. It will grow strong and release its sweet perfume far and wide, stirring magical currents and wonderful events."

- The 7th Gene Key, the Gift of Guidance