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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

January 27, 2020

The Key of Sensitivity (Jan 28 – Feb 02 2020)

"In the Dream Arc System, every fear has a name, and every underworld creature represents a specific fear. The 19th Gene Key is the fear of feelings. Its symbol is the Tarantula. For such a relatively harmless creature, the tarantula has been a favourite target of the media and cinema as a totem representing a deep human fear. This fear is the fear of being physically touched by the creatures of the underworld. The human fear of having a tarantula crawl across one’s body is especially poignant in societies that have lost touch with the wilderness experience. The process of meeting such fears is all about opening up one’s deep sensitivities to others and to all beings. The tarantula itself has very poor eyes but an incredible heightened sense of touch through its body hair. Much of this key is about the fear of nature, of sexuality and of being emotionally hurt. The more one closes down one’s feelings from others, the more powerful we allow fear to become deep within our unconscious. The tarantula represents a portal between the human realms and the other natural kingdoms, and embracing the deep fear of being physically touched by our fears can open up a deep cellular memory within us of our inherent unity with all creatures."

- Excerpt from The Dream Arc Totem Codex (unpublished - coming 2021)

January 22, 2020

The Key of Emanation (Jan 23 – Jan 27 2020)

"This is the Revolution inside our being. It’s a process that’s going on in many of us now, making us more and more uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing. It’s a mystical cleansing of the emotional system and it’s why many people who begin working with the Gene Keys quickly lose a lot of weight and others fill out to just the right amount. We’re coming into balance, because we’re throwing out old genetic patterns. It’s about pruning back our desire nature because the solar plexus centre needs a new kind of environment. It needs a cleaner, more open environment, less cluttered with old frequencies. One day we’ll return to the source. It won’t happen because of anything we do but because our particular story has found its way home. All we can do is follow the Emanation of our Love. We think we’re travelling into the future, but we’re really travelling back to the beginning…"

- Excerpt from the 64 Ways

January 16, 2020

The Key of Justice (Jan 17 – Jan 22 2020)

"Transformation always comes in the gaps. This is the teaching of the Gift of Realism; we plan for luck. We set up our easel, we start a business, whatever the form may be, and we go through the motions. We don’t know when or how or what, but sooner or later a breakthrough will occur. We just have to begin, and it has to come from our heart. Sooner or later, because we’re doing what we believe in and build a structure, fortune will find us."

- The 60th Way, the Siddhi of Justice

January 10, 2020

The Key of Sanctity (Jan 12 – Jan 16 2020)

"Each plane of being has a living geometry. When the perfect geometry of the higher planes descends, even for a moment, it instantaneously aligns the geometry of all the lower subtle bodies, like iron filings following a magnet. This is how Christ performed his miracles; that higher geometry worked through his aura on all those present in his field. Many psychotics came to him, people disturbed by so-called demons. When they say that he cast out the demons, it means that the living perfect geometry of truth realigned all those subtle layers, so that those minds were instantly re-ordered. The mind is not what we think it is, for it exists on its own plane of being, the mental plane. That plane attracts and repels thought forms. The purer the thought form, the more perfect its geometry in your aura, and the less pure the thought form, the more disturbing its geometry is. The music of selfishness is catastrophic in your aura, whereas the music of sanctity is so refined and pure that it changes everything in your environment…"

- The 61st Way, the Siddhi of Sanctity

January 5, 2020

The Key of Ascension (Jan 6 – Jan 11 2020)

"Greatness is a question of play. It has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. It has nothing to do with technique or talent. Without the higher vision of service, personal ambition is essentially a form of corruption. It robs a part of the world. You will find this truth in every single Gene Key. Take the 54th Gene Key for example. You can see its ambition. But that ambition is the Shadow that must become a higher version of itself as Aspiration – that is the 54th Gift. It brings in the wonderful notion of the breath - to aspire alongside others - this collective breath, to aspire to greatness. And to aspire, you have to breathe in this question of service. How can I be of service? Of course the Siddhi of the 54th Gene Key shows us the rest of the journey. Ascension - you carry your life onto a whole other plane. So your Life’s Work is really to answer this single question. What is the highest service that my life can offer to the whole? The Gene Key of your whole Life’s Work will give you that vision. The Siddhi will show you how to overcome the obstacle, the Shadow. The Gift will show you the actual work you have to do. So each Gene Key gives you the vision of your own becoming. This is what your life is to become…"

- The 54th Way, the Siddhi of Ascension

December 29, 2019

The Key of Perseverance (Jan 1 – Jan 5 2020)

"Your Life’s Work is a great thing to contemplate. So have a good look at the Gene Key you have there. What response do those three words trigger inside you? Confusion, excitement, doubt, annoyance? Whatever it is, that is your starting point. Begin with that feeling. That is the difficulty or not. Why do you feel that? What lies behind that feeling? Start exploring it yourself. I have the 64th Gene Key. It is the Shadow of Confusion ironically – the Gift of Imagination and the Siddhi of Illumination. I have really, really learned about those words. I know what they mean inside of me at such a deep level. These words have layers to them. They are both individual and collective. So I have learned for example that my Shadow of Confusion when it is harnessed can lead me to become a man who helps lead others out of their confusion about what they are here to do. But first I have to harness that Shadow. I have had to harness it. I have had to accept it, embrace it, transform it into a creative force to help others. So think about your Shadow at that level as well. The pain inside of you is so that you eventually learn from it and then you help others from that pain because it has transformed inside you. Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Everything difficult in our lives is there to become a gift to help others. This is the beautiful truth hidden in the Gene Keys: that every Shadow contains a Gift."

- The 38th Way, the Gift of Perseverance

December 25, 2019

The Key of Vitality (Dec 26 – Dec 31 2019)

"There’s a great tradition in almost all religious cultures of service, of serving others less fortunate than ourselves. Why is that? It may have become a stale tradition or a mere custom, but originally it was an impulse from those who had raised their consciousness to great heights. As we refine our life force, our vitality, it becomes benevolence. It becomes a great swelling urge to help others. The more we give, the more our vitality grows. It’s an open secret. You can try it out. Go on I dare you. Just do something different one day in the next week of your life - do something unexpectedly giving. See how this Gift of Vitality returns to you and you’ll see right through into the heart of the great mystery."

- The 58th Way, the Siddhi of Bliss

December 20, 2019

The Key of Naturalness (Dec 21 – Dec 25 2019)

"Nowhere is our Self-Obsession more pronounced than in the spiritual life. The more spiritual we become, the more achingly serious we become, and the more we think we know. Ease is before us, but we don’t take that path. We take the hard path, the steep path, the path of toil and struggle and distraction. The one who decides to take the easy path swiftly finds ecstasy, playfulness, a purity and simplicity of being. The easy path goes through gardens of delight. It has seats placed in beautiful places for us to rest. It has little tea-houses with kind and wise old hosts waiting to serve us. It’s lined with friends and friendships."

- The 10th Way, the Siddhi of Being