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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

April 21, 2019

The Key of Altruism (Apr 22 – Apr 27 2019)

“We heal through our higher purpose, and we heal the planet through our collective higher purpose. Humanity is unique because we alone can destroy our planet, and we alone can heal it. There’s a huge global movement towards sustainability, towards a way of life that’s rooted in higher values and ethics. Even in the cut-throat world of business, the ultimate domain of selfishness, the idea of social responsibility is flowing everywhere. A new dawn is approaching for humanity, and the 27th Gift is at the heart of the matter.

We all need to get on this wave and ride it. We all need to find our higher purpose. We need to locate its vibration inside us and let it radiate within the cells of our being. We need to let it flow into our relationships, and then into our work and actions. We’ll instantly begin to prosper. Giving releases the currents of healing. It heals us, and it heals the whole. Giving of ourself out of the joy of our heart, out of the generosity of our inner being – that’s true power. That’s what will move mountains. Make no mistake about the power of this Gene Key – it will transform our world.”

- The 27th Way, the Gift of Altruism

April 16, 2019

The Key of Innovation (Apr 17 – Apr 21 2019)

Life is an unravelling.

“Wisdom isn’t dependent on age. Wisdom is dependent on love. How deeply can we love? How far can we expand our love into the green meadows of life?

Life is an unravelling. It’s already complete, even though it’s still in the process of unravelling. Can we be both? Can we be both its beginning and its end? Can we be awake in the dream that’s the middle? The ancients called life a Leela, a play. It’s a good translation of the word, because the word play means both a piece in theatre, a drama, and also playfulness; they’re both needed.

We can’t make a joke about everything in the middle. There’s so much suffering, so much tragedy, so much injustice. It’s hard to be playful in the face of most of what goes on on this planet. But the playfulness, the innocence, is the inner awareness. That’s where the dance is. We may be grieving on the outside, but on the inside there’s an awareness of the play unfolding.”

- The 3rd Way, the Siddhi of Innocence

April 9, 2019

The Key of Detachment (Apr 11 – Apr 16 2019)

"With the 42nd Siddhi there is only one manifestation occurring, and this is the state of Celebration. Everything is experienced as dying, just as it is with detachment, but the difference now is that something, somewhere deep within the vehicle begins to laugh. This laughter rocks the whole vehicle, since it emerges from the source of creation. The 42nd Siddhi sees the punch line of what it means to be human.

When someone has entered the doorway of death deeply enough within themselves, they discover the profound meaninglessness of existence. As this great truth begins to permeate them from the inside out, it literally kills off every aspect of their own identification with what they are.

The joke at the heart of all creation can only be experienced directly. It lives within the heart of every cell of your being."

- The 42nd Way, the Siddhi of Celebration

April 4, 2019

The Key of Initiative (Apr 5 – Apr 10 2019)

"The 51st  Gift is engaged whenever the human competitive spirit is put into the service of creativity. Every time you have the courage to follow your own independent creative juices, you have stepped through the 51st portal of Initiative.

This 51st Gift is a key place within the human genetic matrix because it contains the activation code for individual empowerment. To follow your initiative is to step off the beaten track and to follow the dictates of your own inner being. There is no safety net when you follow your own destiny in this way — it is a giant leap onto a path that no one else has ever traveled.

The mass consciousness is both in awe and afraid of those who follow this path in life.The collective way is the way of security, but the way of the individual is mysterious and fraught with uncertainty. As we shall see, it is also the only path to true awakening. It is not possible for a human being to awaken without first stepping fully into their creative independence."

- The 51st Way, the Gift of Initiative

March 30, 2019

The Key of Authority (Mar 31 – Apr 4 2019)

"The challenge for every human being is to find their true inner authority. I like that the word authority contains the word 'author'. What is the story we're here to tell? What voice wants to emerge from our depths and lead others out of the darkness toward the light? Out of the morass of the Shadow, with its issues of control and being controlled, this inner light of our true authority will begin to emerge one day. Authority comes from openness – an open mind and an open heart – because only this openness is willing to relinquish control.

Authority comes from openness - from an open mind and an open heart, because only this openness is willing to relinquish control. The paradox of this Gift is that when one finds the strength to overcome the Shadow, it comes from giving up control, rather than asserting control. We allow the greater power inside us to shine forth, and this power is our natural nobility. Every human has an in-built nobility of spirit. Life calls it out of us. Our destiny, our dharma is permanently calling it out."

- The 21st Way, the Gift of Authority

March 24, 2019

The Key of Far-Sightedness (Mar 25 – Mar 30 2019)

"We need to understand something fully before we can transcend it. This is what genius is all about. We learn something, then we unlearn it, then we transcend it, but our transcendence includes it. This is what compassion is - the view from the Siddhi.

We speak our truth and let our heart shimmer with our truth, but we aren't trying to convert. That's where the power lies; it's the way of non-attachment. The 17th Gift is awesome; it's the power of far-sightedness. It's the Gift of seeing the matrix, the whole matrix, with all its detail. Once we've seen it we can never go back to the land of opinion and division. This Gift is the domain of the heart-mind. Looking with intuition and intellect, we merge the opposites and rise up to a higher level of functioning."

- The 17th Way, the Gift of Far-sightedness.

March 18, 2019

The Key of Acceptance (Mar 19 – Mar 24 2019)

"The 25th Gene Key is the core of your humanity. It is the irritation inside the oyster that eventually causes the formation of the pearl, and the pearl is acceptance. Acceptance is the grail that you are seeking. When you can finally accept everything in your life just as it is right now, you will have embraced the human wound. Acceptance comes in layers — layers upon layers — just like the tightly wound genetic double helix itself. You have to relax these layers deep inside you so that you can feel the flow of love once more moving within your being. The more you can accept yourself and others, the more love will bloom in your life. It is as beautiful and as simple as that."

- The 25th Way, the Gift of Acceptance 

March 13, 2019

The Key of Humanity (Mar 14 – Mar 18 2019)

"The 36th Gift doesn't freeze. It doesn't close down. It stays open. Wow! Do you know what that entails? Someone or something completely threatens to overwhelm us and we stay open. Our heart may recoil for a few moments, but then we breathe deeply into our chest, anchor ourself in the belly, and look the experience right in the eye.  We meet it with an open heart, and let the turbulence in all the way. It will shake us up, toss us about emotionally, physically, and mentally, but we stay with the process. Above all, we don't close down. 

Oh yes, this 36th Gift is a roller-coaster.  With our heart open it isn't possible to be overwhelmed. The heart can open infinitely to accommodate anything and everything. Only the mind and emotions can be overwhelmed. Our soul, our whole being at a higher frequency, can't be overwhelmed by life. As we settle into the higher frequency other things begin to happen. Every Shadow contains a Gift. Grace begins to show itself. Our openness has a deep healing effect and others begin to open, to share their deepest fears, to let go, to heal." 

- The 36th Way, the Gift of Humanity