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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

May 21, 2019

The Key of Self Assurance (May 21 – May 26 2019)

"Once we begin to consider the affects of our actions, our thoughts, our words and speech, once we see them deeply, it has a preventative affect in us. Certain addictive patterns fall away, and we learn how to be more altruistic and less harmful and toxic in our environment. Of course, this is still all a trial and error process. At times we fall back into our old habits and ways, but gradually the awareness begins to show us that those old ways only lead to more pain, so slowly, achingly slowly, we learn. When our natural inner morality rises to the surface, we feel more self-assured. We manifest the Gift of this Gene Key. It is a Gift that makes us feel more human and gives us a deep sense of purpose in the world.

To have awareness means to be open, like that arch – to receive feedback, even criticism with a certain equanimity. It is not that we are becoming a Zen master, but we are becoming more human, and in doing so, we are more integrated in the world around us. Awareness does that - it brings a sense of calm. Calmness in our modern world really stands out. In fact, calmness, genuine calmness - has always stood out. A self-assured person is a calm person. And this isn’t about confidence or charisma. Those are character traits. I am talking about presence, the Siddhi in this Gene Key.

Presence is like the light, and Absence is the lack of light. Presence is moving through this Gene Key in varying degrees - in the Shadow, it is only an occasional visitor, at the Gift it is a regular friend who comes to visit, and whenever she comes, she brings a sense of calm and clarity."

- The 20th Way, the Gift of Self Assurance

May 14, 2019

The Key of Style (May 16 – May 20 2019)

"Individual uniqueness is something that our modern societies uphold and idolise, but in reality we are afraid to have too many colourful individuals. Style is more than skin deep. It is the cutting edge of creation itself. Individuals manifesting this Gift have surrendered themselves to a creative process that controls them, rather than them controlling it. Creativity can be a thankless business. Oftentimes an individual is so ahead of his or her own time that their uniqueness is not appreciated until after their death. However, the sense of expansive freedom that comes from letting go into such a process is so fulfilling that success or failure is no longer a major driving force or consideration in their lives. Style is dangerous to society and its logical structured system-based thinking and infrastructure. It is dangerous because it mimics nature, which so many systems try to control and explain. Like nature, style is given shape by a wild, organic and unpredictable energy. It is full of genius and quantum leaps."

- The 8th Way, the Gift of Style

May 8, 2019

The Key of Simplicity (May 10 – May 15 2019)

"If we have the Gift of Simplicity in our life then we are blessed. We will be fulfilled. We will be much happier more often because we have our priorities right. Simplicity cuts out worry. It enables us to breathe. It enables us to see life clearly. We don't need all this stuff. We don't need it. So let's cultivate a love of simplicity in our life and we will find our joyousness increasing, our sense of freedom growing, our relationships thriving and our bank balance right where it needs to be. No more, no less. And because life is life, it always has its cycles. There will be spontaneous windfalls, and there will be more spartan years, but that is all just the ebb and flow of fate. Simplicity thrives anywhere, regardless of external conditions It thrives because it is rooted in the essential, in love, in freedom and in the creative human spirit that can turn any situation to its advantage through seeing it simply and behaving accordingly."

-The 23rd Way, the Gift of Simplicity

May 2, 2019

The Key of Orientation (May 4 – May 9 2019)

"Transformation is life. To be transformed is to be completely relaxed, like water. It’s to trust in the timing of everything. It’s even to trust in fear.Every Gene Key is saying this. It’s inviting us to receive the universe through our daily lives. It’s inviting us to trust, to remember the feeling of trust. We don’t need to add anything to our life. We don’t need to learn anything to get this. There’s nothing to get. The answer is so simple, it’s too simple for words. We have to learn to forgive ourselves, to realise that we don’t need to try. Life is always delivering exactly what we need. Every experience is perfect. Every experience is suffused with Grace when we’re able to hear it."

-The 2nd Way, the Gift of Orientation

April 26, 2019

The Key of Invention (Apr 28 – May 3 2019)

"Invention is wonderful. Invention is nothing but creativity. The Gift is all about creativity. It’s our contemplation sprinting into action. It’s effervescent. It’s surprising. It’s exciting. It’s the only thing that has enough oomph, that has enough gravitas, enough chi, to suck us out of the gravity and draw us into the light.This is what Invention means. It’s not inventiveness. That’s different. Inventiveness is a knack, a trait, a skill even. Invention is a mystery. It comes from the Siddhi, and it will reshape our life from the inside out."- The 24th Way, the Gift of Invention

- The 24th Way, the Gift of Invention

April 21, 2019

The Key of Altruism (Apr 22 – Apr 27 2019)

“We heal through our higher purpose, and we heal the planet through our collective higher purpose. Humanity is unique because we alone can destroy our planet, and we alone can heal it. There’s a huge global movement towards sustainability, towards a way of life that’s rooted in higher values and ethics. Even in the cut-throat world of business, the ultimate domain of selfishness, the idea of social responsibility is flowing everywhere. A new dawn is approaching for humanity, and the 27th Gift is at the heart of the matter.

We all need to get on this wave and ride it. We all need to find our higher purpose. We need to locate its vibration inside us and let it radiate within the cells of our being. We need to let it flow into our relationships, and then into our work and actions. We’ll instantly begin to prosper. Giving releases the currents of healing. It heals us, and it heals the whole. Giving of ourself out of the joy of our heart, out of the generosity of our inner being – that’s true power. That’s what will move mountains. Make no mistake about the power of this Gene Key – it will transform our world.”

- The 27th Way, the Gift of Altruism

April 16, 2019

The Key of Innovation (Apr 17 – Apr 21 2019)

Life is an unravelling.

“Wisdom isn’t dependent on age. Wisdom is dependent on love. How deeply can we love? How far can we expand our love into the green meadows of life?

Life is an unravelling. It’s already complete, even though it’s still in the process of unravelling. Can we be both? Can we be both its beginning and its end? Can we be awake in the dream that’s the middle? The ancients called life a Leela, a play. It’s a good translation of the word, because the word play means both a piece in theatre, a drama, and also playfulness; they’re both needed.

We can’t make a joke about everything in the middle. There’s so much suffering, so much tragedy, so much injustice. It’s hard to be playful in the face of most of what goes on on this planet. But the playfulness, the innocence, is the inner awareness. That’s where the dance is. We may be grieving on the outside, but on the inside there’s an awareness of the play unfolding.”

- The 3rd Way, the Siddhi of Innocence

April 9, 2019

The Key of Detachment (Apr 11 – Apr 16 2019)

"With the 42nd Siddhi there is only one manifestation occurring, and this is the state of Celebration. Everything is experienced as dying, just as it is with detachment, but the difference now is that something, somewhere deep within the vehicle begins to laugh. This laughter rocks the whole vehicle, since it emerges from the source of creation. The 42nd Siddhi sees the punch line of what it means to be human.

When someone has entered the doorway of death deeply enough within themselves, they discover the profound meaninglessness of existence. As this great truth begins to permeate them from the inside out, it literally kills off every aspect of their own identification with what they are.

The joke at the heart of all creation can only be experienced directly. It lives within the heart of every cell of your being."

- The 42nd Way, the Siddhi of Celebration