The Key of Vitality (Dec 26 – Dec 31)

Dissatisfaction – Vitality – Bliss

Dec 26 through Dec 31 2018

Gene Key 58

From Stress to Bliss

“The ancients named this Gene Key, this Hexagram – the Joyous. Yet, how can we have joy without sadness? Loss is a part of human life, and we all lose those we love. How we deal with loss is a deep, deep part of or learning within the Gene Key.

The Gene Keys teaches us many things and one of the greatest things it reminds us is that loss is not what it seems. It’s actually an opening to greater joy. The one who appears to have left is actually allowing us to feel more whole. That’s the sole reason for their leaving. Yes there are other reasons rooted in universal laws, but essentially the whole game of seeking is about moving deeper into joyousness. It’s the wound that makes us whole, the dissatisfaction that drives us towards the essential, and the essential is love.

As we refine our life force, our vitality, it becomes benevolence. It becomes a great swelling urge to help others. The more we give, the more our vitality grows. It’s an open secret. You can try it out. Go on I dare you. Just do something different one day in the next week of your life – do something unexpectedly giving. See how this Gift of Vitality returns to you and you’ll see right through the heart of the great mystery.”

– The 58th Way, the Gift of Vitality

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