The Key of Vitality (Dec 26 – Dec 31 2019)

Dissatisfaction – Vitality – Bliss 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Bliss (58) is the Eternal Spring of Life
GIFT: Vitality (58) Swims in the Joyous Water of Service 
SHADOW: Dissatisfaction (58) Thrives in the murky Marsh of Stagnancy 

This week no Magical Geometry – only Lake.

Dec 26 through Dec 31 2019

Gene Key 58


From Stress to Bliss

“There’s a great tradition in almost all religious cultures of service, of serving others less fortunate than ourselves. Why is that? It may have become a stale tradition or a mere custom, but originally it was an impulse from those who had raised their consciousness to great heights. As we refine our life force, our vitality, it becomes benevolence. It becomes a great swelling urge to help others. The more we give, the more our vitality grows. It’s an open secret. You can try it out. Go on I dare you. Just do something different one day in the next week of your life – do something unexpectedly giving. See how this Gift of Vitality returns to you and you’ll see right through into the heart of the great mystery.”


– The 58th Way, the Siddhi of Bliss






  1. Doro Pollex says:

    Thank you for helping us hone into our interior intentions, scrubbing out the cluelessnesses we are cultured into. Love your depths

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you

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