The Key of Versatility (May 27 – June 1 2019)

Indifference – Versatility – Mastery

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Mastery (16) is Awakened (51) Unity (2)
GIFT:  Versatility (16) is Initiating (51) Orientation (2)  
SHADOW: Indifference (16) is Agitated (51) Dislocation (2)

This week Gene Keys 16, 51  and 2 interwoven.

May 27 through June 1 2019

Gene Key 16

Magical Genius

“Versatility requires viscosity, flexibility, and openness. What happens after the heart has opened? The Gift describes the process of the actual opening of our heart. It opens, it closes, we open it again, it closes again. It’s a stretching, a process, a learning. We’re carving ourself into being. At a certain point we’ve just learned the trick. Our hearts soften to such an extent that it’s no longer necessary to close it off. We’ve mastered the art, and the art is life. To be a master means to be a master of living. This isn’t about skill or talent anymore. It’s reached the essential.

The greatest art is to live well. We’re never taught this. No one even mentions it when we’re young. The art of living well. That would be a great open University course. It’s exactly what the Gene Keys Golden Path is – it’s about Purpose, Partnership, Prosperity – the 3 P’s. When these three have been integrated and become a seamless symphony in our life, we can be said to be a master. This is quite different from the old image of mastery. Perhaps we thought it needed hours of meditation every day or that it was the domain of the ascetic. But I tell you, it isn’t; it’s for the ordinary human being. Mastery is for everyone. It isn’t exclusive or elite. We needn’t go to India in the winter for long silent retreats. The most powerful place we can discover Mastery is in our everyday life. ”

– The 16th Way, the Gift of Versatility



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