The Key of Transmutation (Sept 10 – Sept 15)

Oppression – Transmutation – Transfiguration

Sept 10 through Sept 15

Gene Key 47

Transmuting the Past
“To really look deeply into your fears is to undergo a major transmutation. But transmutations are not a comfortable business for people at the Shadow level of consciousness because to go through such an alchemical process you have to let go of all definitions of who and what you are.
What we humans don’t realise is that the grail we seek is hiding beneath our fear. The very thing that terrifies you the most is your route to a higher evolution.
The only way to transcend suffering is to move more deeply into it, embracing every feeling and event that comes to you. This is the way of deep immersion in the currents of life. It is the way of surrender.”
– The 47th Gene Key, the Shadow of Oppression and the Gift of Transmutation

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