The Key of Synergy (June 8 – 13)


June 8 through June 13

Gene Key 45

Cosmic Communion

“We have lost trust in everything. We don’t even trust in our suffering. Our suffering is the place where the journey begins. It is supposed to be there, to wake us up. When we listen to the feeling of unsafeness inside our body, then our attention to it dissipates it, melts it. So the Shadow is a good thing, because it leads in the direction of the heart.

Many do not want to own their own fear, so they externalise it as dominance. They try and take over a part of the world. They try and own it, and hold onto it. We all know this urge. Life is slipping away, so we want to hold onto something. So much of this Shadow is about ownership.”

– The 45th Way, the Shadow of Dominance


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