The Key of Style (May 16 – May 20 2019)

Mediocrity – Style – Exquisiteness

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Exquisiteness (8) is Devotion (29) to Unity (2)
GIFT: Style (8) is Committed (29) Orientation (2)
SHADOW: Mediocrity (8) is Half-Hearted (29) Dislocation (2)

This week Gene Keys 8, 29 and 2 interwoven.

May 16 through May 20 2019

Gene Key 8

The Diamond Of The Self

“Individual uniqueness is something that our modern societies uphold and idolise, but in reality we are afraid to have too many colourful individuals. Style is more than skin deep. It is the cutting edge of creation itself. Individuals manifesting this Gift have surrendered themselves to a creative process that controls them, rather than them controlling it. Creativity can be a thankless business.

Oftentimes an individual is so ahead of his or her own time that their uniqueness is not appreciated until after their death. However, the sense of expansive freedom that comes from letting go into such a process is so fulfilling that success or failure is no longer a major driving force or consideration in their lives.

Style is dangerous to society and its logical structured system-based thinking and infrastructure. It is dangerous because it mimics nature, which so many systems try to control and explain. Like nature, style is given shape by a wild, organic and unpredictable energy. It is full of genius and quantum leaps.”

– The 8th Way, the Gift of Style



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