The Key of Strength (Nov 23 – Nov 27)

Force – Strength – Majesty

Nov 23 through Nov 27 2018

Gene Key 34

The Beauty of the Beast

“The 34th Siddhi demonstrates one of the key attributes of life itself – that of efficiency. In the Ring of Destiny the epiphany of the higher planes encounters and infuses the majesty of the body on the lower planes. The result is pure fusion as spirit enters matter and imbues it with divinity.

When life is not interfered in any way, it becomes highly fluid and efficient. The more you try to force life to flow where you would like it to go, as opposed to where it wants to go, the less efficient you become and the more energy you use. The most commonly used analogy to this aspect of the 34th Siddhi is the comparison of the life force to water. To echo the words of the great sage Lao Tzu:

‘The very softest thing of all
can ride like a galloping horse
through the hardest of things.

Like water, like water penetrating rock.
And so the invisible enters.

This is why it is wise
to act by doing nothing.
And how few, how very few understand this!’

– The 34th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Majesty


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