The Key of Revolution (Feb 8 – Feb 13 2019)

Reaction – Revolution – Rebirth

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Rebirth (49) is the Bliss (58) of Rapture (30)
GIFT: Revolution (49) is Vital (58) Lightness (30)
SHADOW: Reaction (49) is Dissatisfied (58) Desire (30)

This week Gene Keys 49, 58 and 30 interwoven.

Feb 8 through Feb 13 2019

Gene Key 49

Changing The World From The Inside

“The future human, the Trivian human, will look to us like an awakened genius and there will be thousands and thousands of us. Such a fellowship will change structures all across the planet, replanting our world with new systems that are hyper-efficient, that save energy, money, time and needless suffering. The new human is a recycling centre on every level.

We recycle emotion, suffering and toxin, and the earth has a lot of toxin. We’ve created a huge amount of toxic material that won’t naturally biodegrade. We’re going to find new ways to return these materials back to their natural states. In this sense we’ll become reverse alchemists, so that we can clean up the mess we’ve made of Gaia.”

– The 49th Way, the Siddhi of Rebirth

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