The Key of Resourcefulness (Oct 3 – Oct 8 2019)

Inadequacy ResourcefulnessWisdom 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Wisdom (48) is Devotion (29) of Clarity (57)
GIFT: Resourcefulness (48) is Commitment (29) to Intuition (57)
SHADOW: Inadequacy (48) is Half-Heartedness (29) with Unease (57)

This week Gene Keys 48, 29, and 57  interwoven.

Oct 2 through Oct 8 2019

Gene Key 48


The Wonder Of Uncertainty

“Another vital aspect of the Gift of Resourcefulness is its integrative power. All of your inner talents and resources are ultimately designed with a built-in programming agenda — to offer service to the whole. In this sense all true talent is holistic. Your inner well exists only to serve others. It is they who come and throw the bucket down the well and draw out your resources. Metaphorically all human beings are designed to slake each other’s thirst, which means that you have to interact honestly and selflessly in order to prosper.


In serving the whole you serve yourself in the most efficient way possible. This is why resourcefulness has the power to unite even the greatest enemies. When human beings pool their resources they become truly powerful. We saw this at the Shadow frequency in the case of human beings uniting during common crises or wars. As the frequency of the mass consciousness gradually rises, we will begin to create new ways of doing business in the world. In the future we will see the growth of a service-based human culture rather than a greed-based culture and as this culture emerges, humanity will begin to operate as a single entity in perfect harmony with a higher universal rhythm.”


The 48th Way, the Siddhi of Wisdom





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