The Key of Realism (Jan 17 – Jan 21 2019)

Limitation – Realism – Justice

Jan 17 through Jan 21 2019

Gene Key 60

The Cracking of the Vessel

“Transformation always comes in the gaps. This is the teaching of the Gift of Realism; we plan for luck. We set up our easel, start a business, whatever the form may be, and go through the motions. We don’t know when or how or what, but sooner or later a breakthrough will occur. We just have to begin, and it has to come from our heart. Sooner or later, because we’re doing what we believe in and build a structure, fortune will find us.

For the 60th Gene Key, this whole notion of contemplation is vital. In a way it comes out of this Gene Key because we need a form to contemplate but there’s a lot more to the form than its content. Our continued interaction with the form ignites a wild wisdom and this emerges in the gap between our intent and the form. It emerges spontaneously, surprisingly and brings with it great rewards.”

– The 60th Way, the Gift of Realism

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