The Key of Preservation (Oct 14 – Oct 19 2019)

Failure PreservationVeneration 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Veneration (32) is Awakened (51) Clarity (57) 
GIFT: Preservation (32) is Initiative (51) with Intuition (57) 
SHADOW: Failure (32) is Agitated (51) Unease (57) 

This week Gene Keys 32, 51, and 57 interwoven.

Oct 14 through Oct 19 2019

Gene Key 32


The Perfume of Consciousness

“To live well and savour more moments, to sip from the arc of aeons, to revel in the riot of colour that’s our life, to see the poetics of nature and not pass them by. That’s such an art. All the money in the world isn’t worth the ability to learn the art of living well.

If we want to be different from the crowd, if we want to stand out and be a true rebel, then we have to slow down the pace of the Shadow inside us. We have to become a contemplative. We have to let others see the radiance of the river of our life as it meanders rather than rushes.”


The 32nd Way, the Gift of Preservation





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