The Key of Perseverance (Jan 1 – Jan 5)

Struggle – Perseverance – Honour

Jan 1 through Jan 5 2019

Gene Key 38

The Warrior of Light

“The 38th Gift is the Gift of Perseverance. This is a Gift that really thrives when you are up against the odds. People with this Gift make the impossible look effortless, even whilst exerting themselves fully. These people are extremely active and physical. They have a genetic need to push their bodies and love being right in the thick of the action. As we saw with the 38th Shadow, this is not a thinking archetype. These are people of action. The only trick for them is to know when to act and when not to act and this is where the Gift of Perseverance comes into play.

It knows when to hold its energy back. In other words, these are people who have learned to draw a breath before they rush into some new action. This breath is not so that they can think — it is simply to make sure they are responding from truth rather than reacting from fear or anger.”


– The 38th Gene Key, the Gift of Perseverance

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