The Key of Patience (Dec 4 – Dec 8)

Impatience – Patience – Timelessness

Dec 4 through Dec 8 2018

Gene Key 5

The Ending of Time

“Deep patience is like a kind of cooling mist that rises up and calms our aggravated system. It stills the hungry flames. It moistens our dryness. It settles our spirit. It’s watery rather than fiery. It’s actually fathomless. The more we catch our impatient, clinging mind, the more we’ll find this inner space. It’ll begin to open in us, and we’ll find that we can just sit for hours.

The other thing about deep patience is that it’s the underlying foundation of love. It is the way in which the Shadow transforms into the Gift, so it’s fundamental to every aspect of the Gene Keys. It’s the field – the spaciousness – the cauldron – in which the dynamic change, the alchemy of life occurs.

Patience is love’s vanguard. This is the whole work we’re each here to do – to transform this suffering that our fate brings us, to accept it gladly into an opening heart, and use that heart to open to deeper love. It isn’t just a nice side plate. It’s the main course. So let’s treasure Patience, and measure our progress by how patient we are.”

– The 5th Way, the Gift of Patience

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  1. alison says:

    patience feels very connected to Trust. when i can Trust the larger movements & processes in the universe & my own life, then i can be patient, and “wait” for the perfection to be shown. and somehow it’s always already here!

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