The Key of Orientation (May 4 – May 9 2019)

Dislocation – Orientation – Unity

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Unity Unlocked
GIFT: Orientation Within
SHADOW: Dislocated in the Void

This week Gene Keys 2 – no intertwined Geometry – only Earth

May 4 through May 9 2019

Gene Key 2

Returning To The One

“Transformation is life. To be transformed is to be completely relaxed, like water. It’s to trust in the timing of everything. It’s even to trust in fear.

Every Gene Key is saying this. It’s inviting us to receive the universe through our daily lives. It’s inviting us to trust, to remember the feeling of trust. We don’t need to add anything to our life. We don’t need to learn anything to get this. There’s nothing to get. The answer is so simple, it’s too simple for words. We have to learn to forgive ourselves, to realise that we don’t need to try. Life is always delivering exactly what we need. Every experience is perfect. Every experience is suffused with Grace when we’re able to hear it.”

The 2nd Way, the Gift of Orientation



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