The Key of Naturalness (Dec 21 – Dec 25 2019)

Self-Obsession – Naturalness – Being 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Being (10) is the Beauty (1) of Bliss (58)
GIFT: Naturalness (10) is Fresh (1) Vitality (58) 
SHADOW: Self-Obsession (10) is the Entropy (1) of Dissatisfaction (58) 

This week Gene Keys 10, 1, and 58 interwoven.

Dec 21 through Dec 25 2019

Gene Key 10


Being at Ease

“Nowhere is our Self-Obsession more pronounced than in the spiritual life. The more spiritual we become, the more achingly serious we become, and the more we think we know.

Ease is before us, but we don’t take that path. We take the hard path, the steep path, the path of toil and struggle and distraction. The one who decides to take the easy path swiftly finds ecstasy, playfulness, a purity and simplicity of being. The easy path goes through gardens of delight. It has seats placed in beautiful places for us to rest. It has little tea-houses with kind and wise old hosts waiting to serve us. It’s lined with friends and friendships.”


– The 10th Way, the Siddhi of Being





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  1. Dr Sohini Shukla says:

    Dear Brother,
    Purity and Simplicity is the Rule for becoming Spiritual with this Gene Key 10….
    Just be with yourself and watch your mind and be with your Soul “I AM Presence !”
    Self Obsession is pronounced and Being is the beauty of Bliss !
    Just Be …and do nothing !
    Silence will help you !

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