The Key of Mindfulness (July 31 – Aug 5)

Forgetting – Mindfulness – Revelation

July 31 through August 5

Gene Key 33

The Final Revelation

“Sanskaras are the specific memories that you carry from life to life according to the karma you have taken on in this lifetime. These are actually far more than simple memories — they are charges of kinetic energy stored in the sheaths of your consciousness, which over time determine the shape of your life and your destiny. Sanskaras give rise to all human desires, which in turn create more sanskaras. Thus the ancients say you are caught in a wheel or a net of your own making — paradoxically unable to remember who you truly are because of the memories you keep creating.

The 33rd Shadow is the great shadow of our forgetting….How then, do we ever escape this mad paradoxical hall of mirrors when every desire we have serves only to tighten the net around us? Well, there is one desire that is the exception — the desire to remember yourself….

The feeling of cellular memory between people is a sign of a karmic bond, and all karmic bonds are formed from sanskaras. Such relationships are always intense and can be very challenging. They are love/ hate relationships. When you enter deeply into such a relationship and stay committed to its process you are courting the presence of grace. To accept the trial is to transform the co-dependent pattern of the relationship into a higher frequency and this takes great love and surrender. There is no situation on earth that cannot be used as a means to raise your frequency and open your heart to your inner Divinity.”

– The 33rd Gene Key, the Shadow of Forgetting


  1. Karen says:

    I have the 33rd gene key twice in my profile. Is this unusual?

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