The Key of Guidance (Aug 6 – Aug 11)

Division – Guidance – Virtue

Aug 6 through August 11

Gene Key 7

Virtue Is Its Own Reward

Facilitators, as the name suggests, make communication and implementation easier and smoother. People with the 7th Gift do not lead from the front, but guide the energy of the group itself. They create a space in which an organic team harmony can develop on its own, with minimal interference. They are often content to allow others with the requisite gifts to stand in the limelight while they lead quietly from behind the scenes, and in this sense the 7th Gene Key is an archetype of the power behind the throne. This is the true meaning of Guidance — trusting in the life process, rather than forcing matters by taking control. This ability to surrender to life itself is the foundation of true leadership….

In the Tao Te Ching, the sage Lao Tzu speaks about true virtue as it impacts society through the superior man. Even though the language may be archaic, the message is pure — the secret of virtue lies in complete surrender to nature. Indeed, the word Te in the title of this profound work is a word generally translated as virtue. It was also through this book that a wonderful and oft-quoted saying was born: “Virtue is its own reward.” Therein lies the other great secret of virtue; it lies beyond the need for recognition and beyond the need to be of service. Virtue is simply the unimpeded expression of nature through men or women living at their zenith.”

– The 7th Gene Key, the Gift of Guidance and the Siddhi of Virtue

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