The Key of Mindfulness (July 31 – Aug 5 2019)

Forgetting  – Mindfulness Revelation 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Revelation (33) is the Beauty (1) of Stillness (52)
GIFT: Mindfulness (33) is the Freshness (1) of Restraint (52) 
SHADOW: Forgetting (33) is the Entropy (1) of Stress (52)

This week Gene Keys 33, 1, and 52 interwoven.

July 31 through Aug 5 2019

Gene Key 33


The Final Revelation

“Out of Revelation comes true silence. The beings manifesting this Siddhi have nothing whatsoever to say — and if they do speak, it is to say that there is nothing whatsoever to say! (There are many amusing ways to say this). Of course, this Siddhi is also about remembering. It is literally as the word suggests — re-membering — to enter into all the separate members of your greater body until you realise there is only one of everything.  True remembering is a kind of detonation inside you — a flash flood that wipes out your past and reveals the greatest mystery of all — the mystery of the eternal Now.”


The 33rd Gene Key, the Gift of Mindfulness



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  1. Debbie Moran says:

    This “speaks to me” on the deepest of levels and the irony of using words does not escape me. Thank you! Blessings & Love <3

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