The Key of Magnetism (June 20 – June 25 2019)

Dullness – Magnetism – Florescence

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Florescence(15) is Unified(2) Stillness(52)
GIFT: Magnetism(15) is Orientation(2) with Restraint(52)
SHADOW: Dullness(15) is Dislocated(2) Stress(52)

This week Gene Keys 15, 2 and 52 interwoven.

June 20 through June 25 2019

Gene Key 15

An Eternally Flowering Spring

“One of the great challenges for modern humanity is to learn how to slow down. The Schumann Resonance is a frequency oscillation that moves far more slowly than most human beings are used to, especially in our modern world. Time moves uniquely for all life on Gaia. She has never been in a hurry. The power of Gaia is the power of greenness. If we left our planet exactly as it is now for a thousand years, our cities and roads would once again become green forests. That is the speed, power and pace of Gaia.

Since magnetism is the binding force of all creatures and forms, the more deeply you move into the Schumann Resonance, the more magnetic you become. This is all about trusting in the natural ebb and flow of life events. You can see how the agitation of the lower frequencies so easily experiences these slower frequencies as dullness.

The fact is that when the frequency of your DNA hits the Schumann Resonance, your experience of time stops completely. These are truths that are still experienced and embodied by many of the indigenous cultures alive on our planet today. To live closely to the earth’s natural rhythms is to experience the wisdom and clarity that comes of moving more slowly through the world.”

The 15th Gene Key, the Gift of Magnetism



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  1. Christie Wight says:

    This morning, this GK, grants the slowwing inherent in the lowering barametric pressure, to settle into its natural valley of quiet. Thankfully.

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