The Key of Lightness (Feb 14 – Feb 18 2019)

Desire – Lightness – Rapture

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Rise into Rapture
GIFT: Lighten Up and Shine Bright
SHADOW: Fire Clings to What we Feed It

This week there is interwoven geometry – only fire.

Feb 14 through Feb 18 2019

Gene Key 30

Celestial Fire

“Rapture comes when all our desires have been purified into a single over-arching desire – the desire to return to our source, the yearning for the light – freedom from suffering. This is after all what all desires really are – the desire to be free from suffering – the desire for God. Sometimes I just have to use the G word. I mean let’s be honest – you’re here listening to this because we’re all seeking God. We’re seeking the source. We’re yearning for that source.

The Sufis are good in this area. They know all about the clinging fire. They know about Devotion. They say to become your longing, realise how deep it goes, and then let it burn you and burn you until you’re on fire with it. We can choose an external figure if we wish – our lover, our guru, our god. It can be any deity. The figure becomes the symbol of our longing, and we pour that longing into the symbol. Maybe it’s because they came out of the deserts, out of the fire and heat, maybe that’s why the Sufis and the Arabic cultures resonate so much with these Siddhis.

Rapture is to become possessed by our longing, our love.   It’s to become drunk with it. It’s to let it burn us clean. We offer up our every desire to God or the guru. We see everything that captivates our desire as a mirror of the one we seek. Because we offer it up and forgo it on the external plane, the fuel elevates our consciousness.”

– The 30th Way, the Siddhi of Rapture

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