The Key of Leadership (July 25 – July 30)

Arrogance – Leadership – Humility

July 25 through July 30

Gene Key 31

Sounding Your Truth

“Our arrogance is based upon our belief that we can think, talk or act our way out of the Shadow frequencies, when in fact those very frequencies are created through our intellect. The real arrogance comes from being cut off from our Divine source. Words that are not rooted in a profound sense of wonder are always at some level arrogant. Only the human heart can truly offer an answer to the mystery of existence, and unless your words carry the perfume of love somewhere behind them, they are still wading around in the Shadow frequency…

The 31st Siddhi has exceeded all concepts involving levels and movement and even the need for being in the heart. There is no need to be anywhere or do anything other than what you are doing. True humility arises from the truth that you cannot ever do anything wrong.

Consciousness is enjoying its game through your life. No matter what you believe, achieve or do, it is not you attaining it because you are the great illusion. The person manifesting the 31st Siddhi does not even see human beings as divided into those who are awake and those who are asleep. There is no such thing as being enlightened or unenlightened to such a person. If there were, that would assume the existence of separate beings rather than the reality of one unbroken chain of consciousness.”

– The 31st Gene Key, the Shadow of Arrogance and the Siddhi of Humility

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