The Key of Leadership (July 25 – July 30 2019)

Arrogance  – Leadership Humility 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Humility (31) is the Bliss (58) of Stillness (52)
GIFT: Leadership (31) is the Vitality (58) of Restraint (52) 
SHADOW: Arrogance (31) is the Dissatisfaction (58) of Stress (52)

This week Gene Keys 31, 58, and 52 interwoven.

July 25 through July 30 2019

Gene Key 31


Sounding Your Truth

“You know, it’s virtually impossible to see your own arrogance. I truly believe it is. What I mean is that you can’t go looking for it. You can try, but your ego won’t let you see it. It’s easy to see another people’s arrogance, but our own, no. Not a chance. The only way you are going to see it, is by making a mistake.

You have to fall.

And, this is what this gene key is all about. It’s about learning humility. It’s about learning to fall with grace. That’s what makes a good leader.  At least in my eyes. I am not so impressed by the impeccable saints. I am more impressed by the falling saint, who is picked himself up after his falling and still keeps his heart open.

Those are the leaders. Those who can fall and then lift themselves back up again. That takes a special kind of strength. It’s a part of a true human being.”


The 31st Gene Key, the Gift of Leadership



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