The Key of Invention (Apr 28 – May 3 2019)

Addiction – Invention – Silence

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Silence (24) is Unified (2) Awakening (51)
GIFT: Invention (24) is Orienting (2) Initiative (51)
SHADOW: Addiction (24) is Dislocated (2) Agitation (51)

This week Gene Keys 24, 2 and 51 interwoven.

April 28 through May 3 2019

Gene Key 24

Silence – The Ultimate Addiction

“Invention is wonderful. Invention is nothing but creativity. The Gift is all about creativity. It’s our contemplation sprinting into action. It’s effervescent. It’s surprising. It’s exciting. It’s the only thing that has enough oomph, that has enough gravitas, enough chi, to suck us out of the gravity and draw us into the light.

This is what Invention means. It’s not inventiveness. That’s different. Inventiveness is a knack, a trait, a skill even. Invention is a mystery. It comes from the Siddhi, and it will reshape our life from the inside out.”

The 24th Way, the Gift of Invention



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