The Key of Intuition (Oct 9 – Oct 13 2019)

Unease IntuitionClarity 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Clarity (57) is Empty Sky
GIFT: Intuition (57) Trusts the Whispering Wind
SHADOW: Unease (57) fears the Coming Storm

This week no Magical Geometry – only Wind.

Oct 9 through Oct 13 2019

Gene Key 57


The Gentle Wind

“This essence of gentleness is one of the greatest secrets to life. Consciousness is the gentlest, most subtle phenomenon. This is why the ancient sages so frequently likened it to water or wind, elements of such subtlety and softness that they can penetrate everything. Clarity is about seeing this softness at the heart of all things. In the acoustic field of life, everything rises from softness and returns to the same softness.

When you live your life in harmony with this softness, you come into accord with what the ancients called the Tao — the transcendence of the opposites. Furthermore, as you open yourself to this gentleness, this manifestation of clarity, it will reveal itself in your life continually — through the sound of the wind furrowing the treetops, or a puff of cloud drifting across an ocean sky. The same softness is to be found everywhere since it is the spirit of life itself. If you allow it, it will transport you immediately into the world of the eternal now.”


The 57th Way, the Gift of Intuition





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