The Key of Integrity (Sep 27 – Oct 2 2019)

Judgement IntegrityPerfection 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Perfection (18) is Stillness (52) with Clarity (57)
GIFT: Integrity (18) is Restrained (52) Intuition (57)
SHADOW: Judgement (18) is Stressful (52)  Unease (57)

This week Gene Keys 18, 52, and 57  interwoven.

Sep 27 through Oct 2 2019

Gene Key 18


The Healing Power Of Mind

“Maybe heaven on Earth isn’t as far as we all think? Of course the inner and the outer are intimately linked. They aren’t separate at all. The outer follows the inner.


There’s still one more dimension missing from this contemplation, and that’s the coming together of the spiritual and the physical of heaven and earth, of the mystical and the scientific, of technology and consciousness. It’s not the way some people think. It’s not about cybernetic humans. It’s about us realizing that we are the technology. Our vehicles are capable of a lot more than we realize, and that’s where this inner revolution is going to take us – to the realm of the magical.”


The 18th Way, the Siddhi of Perfection





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