The Key of Innovation (Apr 17 – Apr 21 2019)

Chaos – Innovation – Innocence

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Innocence (3) is the Devotion (29) of Awakening (51)
GIFT: Innovation (3) is the Commitment (29) of Initiative (51)
SHADOW: Chaos (3) is the Half-Heartedness (57) of Agitation (51)

This week Gene Keys 3, 29 and 51 interwoven.

April 17 through April 21 2019

Gene Key 3

Through The Eyes Of A Child

“Wisdom isn’t dependent on age. Wisdom is dependent on love. How deeply can we love? How far can we expand our love into the green meadows of life?

Life is an unravelling. It’s already complete, even though it’s still in the process of unravelling. Can we be both? Can we be both its beginning and its end? Can we be awake in the dream that’s the middle? The ancients called life a Leela, a play. It’s a good translation of the word, because the word play means both a piece in theatre, a drama, and also playfulness; they’re both needed.

We can’t make a joke about everything in the middle. There’s so much suffering, so much tragedy, so much injustice. It’s hard to be playful in the face of most of what goes on on this planet. But the playfulness, the innocence, is the inner awareness. That’s where the dance is. We may be grieving on the outside, but on the inside there’s an awareness of the play unfolding.”

The 3rd Way, the Siddhi of Innocence



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