The Key of Initiative (Apr 5 – Apr 10 2019)

Agitation – Initiative – Awakening

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Awakening Arrives as a Surprise
GIFT: Initiative Ignites Creative Independence
SHADOW: Agitation is Anxiety Begging to Move

This week Gene Keys 51 – no intertwined Geometry – only Thunder.

April 5 through April 10 2019

Gene Key 51

Initiative To Initiation

“The 51st  Gift is engaged whenever the human competitive spirit is put into the service of creativity. Every time you have the courage to follow your own independent creative juices, you have stepped through the 51st portal of Initiative.

This 51st Gift is a key place within the human genetic matrix because it contains the activation code for individual empowerment. To follow your initiative is to step off the beaten track and to follow the dictates of your own inner being. There is no safety net when you follow your own destiny in this way — it is a giant leap onto a path that no one else has ever traveled. The mass consciousness is both in awe and afraid of those who follow this path in life.

The collective way is the way of security, but the way of the individual is mysterious and fraught with uncertainty. As we shall see, it is also the only path to true awakening. It is not possible for a human being to awaken without first stepping fully into their creative independence.”

The 51st Way, the Gift of Initiative


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