The Key of Humanity (Mar 14 – Mar 18 2019)

Turbulence – Humanity – Compassion

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Compassion (36) is Unified (2) Rapture (30)
GIFT: Humanity (36) is Orienting (2) Lightness (30)
SHADOW: Turbulence (36) is Dislocated (2) Desire (30)

This week Gene Keys 36, 2, and 30 interwoven.

March 14 through March 18 2019

Gene Key 36

Becoming Human

“The 36th Gift doesn’t freeze. It doesn’t close down. It stays open. Wow! Do you know what that entails? Someone or something completely threatens to overwhelm us and we stay open. Our heart may recoil for a few moments, but then we breathe deeply into our chest, anchor ourself in the belly, and look the experience right in the eye.  We meet it with an open heart, and let the turbulence in all the way. It will shake us up, toss us about emotionally, physically, and mentally, but we stay with the process. Above all, we don’t close down.

Oh yes, this 36th Gift is a roller-coaster.  With our heart open it isn’t possible to be overwhelmed. The heart can open infinitely to accommodate anything and everything. Only the mind and emotions can be overwhelmed. Our soul, our whole being at a higher frequency, can’t be overwhelmed by life. As we settle into the higher frequency other things begin to happen. Every Shadow contains a Gift. Grace begins to show itself. Our openness has a deep healing effect and others begin to open, to share their deepest fears, to let go, to heal.”

– The 36th Way, the Gift of Humanity


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