The Key of Graciousness (Mar 07 – Mar 12 2020)

Dishonour – Graciousness – Grace 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Grace (22) is Stillness (52) in Rapture (30) 
GIFT: Graciousness (22) is Restrained (52) Lightness (30) 
SHADOW: Dishonour (22) is Stressful (52) Desire (30)

This week Gene Keys  22, 52 and 30 interwoven.

Mar 07 through Mar 12 2020

Gene Key 22


Grace Under Pressure

“When you are in the presence of a very young child, you may be able to detect the subtle aura of the light that surrounds them. Sometimes you will have the impression that they are looking at things in the surrounding space that you cannot see. The infant in their first few years of life swims in this inner world of light. They come to the earth plane trailing the other world with them, and the beings from this other world are attracted to their purity and their untarnished innocence. It is every adult’s highest potential to regain this state of illumination, but to do so they must move through a profound healing of their deepest Core Wound – the ancestral genetic pattern that they also brought with them when they incarnated.”

‘We are a passage towards the Divine, and our suffering is the river that leads us finally to the Ocean of You, of I am.’

– Fragment from The Seven Sacred Seals 






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