The Key of Freshness (Nov 6 – Nov 11)

Entropy – Freshness – Beauty

Nov 6 through Nov 11 2018

Gene Key 1

From Entropy To Syntropy

“Beauty is a lens provided by love. It’s a jewel hanging in the immensity of space and a poetic way of living. It’s an unseen, unsung moment that never ends – a moment of crystal, a shaft of eternity, a gust of wind inside the god.

Let us ask ourselves, can we let go of everything? Can we let the moment cradle us in its arms? Can we court the subtle? Can we be that Yin?

Beauty is beyond all definitions; it’s beyond opposites and sides and male and female. It doesn’t give a damn about our agendas. It’s penetrated to the core, and it’s come to the subtlest Truth – that Beauty is all there is. When that is present in a pair of human eyes, we’re looking into the eyes of a true master – a rare and precious thing.”

The 1st Way, the Siddhi of Beauty

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