The Key of Expansion (July 7 – July 12)

Immaturity – Expansion – Superabundance

July 7 through July 12

Gene Key 53

Evolving Beyond Evolution

“Evolution follows what modern science terms Complexity Theory — the theory that as living systems evolve, they become more and more complex. It is indeed true that the more elements you integrate into a system, the more complex it appears to become. However, just because it seems complex to the mind does not mean that it becomes less efficient.

In fact, evolution demands that systems become more efficient and efficiency is based on simplicity rather than complexity. Synthesis only appears to be complex when you remain stuck at a low level of frequency and try to understand it intellectually. The Gift of Expansion demands that individuals transcend their personal opinions, views and attempts to understand what is going on.

It takes enormous trust to allow your life to truly expand because it appears to the mind to become more complex, whereas in fact it is moving into greater and greater synthesis. At certain points within your expansion, your awareness itself takes leaps that allow you to grasp the synthesis. Until these leaps come, you simply have to hold on and trust in the process.”

– The 53rd Gene Key, the Gift of Expansion


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