The Key of Equilibrium (Oct 20 – Oct 25 2019)

Corruption Equilibrium – Harmony 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Harmony (50) is Rapturous (30) Clarity (57)
GIFT: Equilibrium (50) is Light (30) Intuition (57) 
SHADOW: Corruption (50) is Desiring (30) Unease (57) 

This week Gene Keys 50, 30, and 57 interwoven.

Oct 20 through Oct 25 2019

Gene Key 50


Cosmic Order

“Life tests our equanimity constantly. It is in fact very compassionate and generous in this way, if we can view life from that level. Everything that happens to us is for our higher benefit. We’re here to learn to live with equanimity. Even shock has the capacity to lift us with Grace to another level of consciousness.

As our equanimity becomes truly stable, we become unshakeable. We become truly peaceful, and our life opens up to a higher reality, a harmony that lies hidden from view but is communicated continuously to us from every cell within our DNA.”


The 50th Way, the Gift of Equilibrium





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