The Key of Equality (Feb 25 – Mar 01 2020)

Weakness EqualityTenderness 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Tenderness (37) is Clarity (57) of Rapture (30) 
GIFT: Equality (37) is Intuitive (57) Lightness (30) 
SHADOW: Weakness (37) is the Unease (57) of Desire (30)

This week Gene Keys  37, 57 and 30 interwoven.

Feb 25 through Mar 01 2020

Gene Key 37


Family Alchemy

“The mother is also the place of infinite Tenderness where all members of the family can return to rest and remember their essence and purpose. More even than a single person, the mother is a feeling of safety and trust that allows all human beings to excel. The 37th Siddhi speaks into this great mystery of the mother essence.

Tenderness is a collective fire, engendered through mutual compassion, fanned by the winds of Grace and carrying the transformative power of Truth.”
– Excerpt from The 64 Ways






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