The Key of Enrichment (July 19 – July 24)

Distraction – Enrichment – Intoxication

July 19 through July 24

Gene Key 56

Divine Indulgence

“The second trial, laid down by the 56th Shadow, involves maintaining the illusion of your individuality by keeping you distracted through your five senses. As you remember more of yourself, you will come to realise the extent of your addiction to the external world, and over time you will turn your energies inward and break this powerful addiction…

Enrichment means to suck the marrow out of life. The 56th Gift is a gift of feeling, of sensuality and aliveness. It means that you find wonder where others find monotony and you find beauty where others see ugliness. It is about appreciation and gratitude — the more grateful you are for every moment, the more the moment comes alive within you.

Above all, the 56th Gift’s greatest potential genius lies in communication. It is able to entertain and divert the attention of others. At a lower frequency range, this Gene Key may be found in advertising and political spin, and at a higher frequency, it may be found in comedians, entertainers or inspirational speakers. At even higher frequency bands, it is the great and ancient art of storytelling or myth-making — the sharing of personal experiences that have touched and opened one’s own heart. At these higher levels, this 56th Gift of Enrichment is a Gift of love, for the more you enrich the lives of others, the more this Gift pours through your heart.”

– The 56th Gene Key, the Shadow of Distraction and the Gift of Enrichment

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