The Key of Enrichment (July 19 – July 24 2019)

Distraction  – EnrichmentIntoxication 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Intoxication (56) is the Rapture (30) of Stillness (52)
GIFT: Enrichment (56) is Lightness (30) with Restraint (52) 
SHADOW: Distraction (56) is Desiring (30) Stress (52)

This week Gene Keys 56, 30, and 52 interwoven.

July 19 through July 24 2019

Gene Key 56

Divine Indulgence

“The 56th Gift knows a great truth — true enjoyment is rooted inside your being rather than in the external. As you begin to embody this truth, your awareness naturally turns inward.

The same energy that would have become a distraction in the outer world turns inward towards your own source. As it does so it causes an inner transformation. Over a period of time, the 56th Gift actually trains you how to meditate. You may not meditate formally, but you enter into a state of meditation where sensual desires are seen for what they are — illusory attempts at fulfillment.

This does not mean that you become some kind of mendicant or ascetic, but it does break your addiction to seeking fulfillment in the external world. As this occurs, the life lived through your senses becomes highly refined. You even begin to develop your extra senses — the higher attributes of your subtle bodies beyond the physical, emotional and mental worlds.

One of the wonderful traits of those with this Gift is that they enrich others through what they have learned in life. The ability to discipline yourself when necessary leads to your being seen by others as a potential role model. If you have the strength to love yourself, others are automatically drawn to you.”


The 56th Gene Key, the Gift of Enrichment



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