The Key of Ease (Dec 20 – Dec 25)

Self-Obsession – Naturalness – Being

Dec 20 through Dec 25 2018

Gene Key 10

Being at Ease

“Our obsession with the ‘dream’ is the very thing that undermines our ability to relax in life. We don’t need a dream. Life takes care of everything for us. We’ve forgotten this simplest truth – that life takes care of everything.

The Gift of Naturalness is a softening of our edges, it’s a great allowing, a great place of defencelessness. Easy is Right. Where will those words go inside us?

Ease is before us, but we don’t take that path. We take the hard path, the steep path, the path of toil and struggle and distraction. The one who decides to take the easy path swiftly finds ecstasy, playfulness, a purity and simplicity of being. The easy path goes through gardens of delight. It has seats placed in beautiful places for us to rest. It has little tea-houses with kind and wise old hosts waiting to serve us. It’s lined with friends and friendships.”

– The 10th Way, the Shadow of Self-Obsession and the Gift of Naturalness


  1. Caroline Stephens says:

    I notice hear that Idealism finishes on December 19th and naturalness begins on the 20th. I did my profile a long time ago and thought that my life purpose was light with the gift of idealism. Why did my profile come up as it did please? Please do not publicly post my birthdate.

    • Hi Caroline I am sorry I had made a mistake. You are right. When I was checking the dates in the Gene Keys calendar that was a printing error today (Thursday 20th December). Gene Key 10 is from Dec 20 – Dec 25. Love Costa

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