The Key of Dynamism (July 1 – July 6)

Provocation – Dynamism – Liberation

July 1 through July 6

Gene Key 39

The Tension of Transcendence

“Rooted in your adrenaline system, this 39th Gene Key is a highly dynamic code that is all about action. It has a gutsy, explosive and primal quality to it. People with these Gifts and Shadows are not led by their heads but by the primitive urge to act, whether wisely or foolishly…

The 39th Gift knows no fear. This is the true spirit of the warrior. There are many grades of warrior. There are those who simply fight unconsciously because they cannot help it — these are the people who cannot resist whatever it is that has provoked them to action. But there are higher types of warrior too, those who are provoked but who manage to control and direct their anger…

Beyond even this, at the siddhic level, are those rare warriors who cannot be provoked at all. They have seen the nature of reality: there are no individuals in the first place, which makes it impossible to play the game of conflict anymore.”

– The 39th Gene Key, the Shadow and Gift of Provocation/Dynamism


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