The Key of Dynamism (July 2 – July 7 2019)

Provocation – Dynamism – Liberation

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Liberation (39) is Devotion (29) in Stillness (52)
GIFT: Dynamism (39) is Commitment (29) to Restraint (52) 
SHADOW: Provocation (39) is Half-Hearted (29) Stress (52)

This week Gene Keys 39, 29 and 52 interwoven.

July 2 through July 7 2019

Gene Key 39

The Tension of Transcendence

“The 39th Gene Key is very powerful, and its Shadow of Provocation is about life provoking us, making us feel uncomfortable so that we’ll have to look deeper into ourselves. We can never escape the Shadow. It’s relentless. It will go on pursuing us, whoever we are, wherever we are. It doesn’t matter if we have it in our Profile either. It will still find us through the consciousness field of the world, of someone else. Whoever disturbs us will bring it to us.

So how about doing something radical? Instead of running from it, why not let it in? Look at the things that wind you up. Look at the obstructions that life places in your way – along your destiny, in your relationships, in your work, in your body. Take courage and look into yourself. Which pattern or habit is it connected to? Our intuition will tell us. Our body will tell us. And then, don’t doubt what you hear. Contemplate it and maybe you’ll find yourself doing something about it.”

The 39th Gene Key, the Gift of Dynamism



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  1. I just became a member and the first thing i read is the explanation for the 39th key. I was stunned as I just experienced the provocation of life and my reaction to it the last two days. Being the only staff on duty I was pulled by 30 people, who where in and out of my program site, in many different directions during an unusual hot and humid day. This went on for hours and eventually I reacted very agitated to a few people. On the way home I went into feeling guilty about it and started to blame the life circumstances for several things, like other staff people leaving me alone with this, participants having unreasonable expectations etc. etc. As the feeling of irritation continued the next day in a relaxed setting I realized that I was dehydrated and so I went home to take care of myself. Feeling physically better I could look at the situation better. Then i read in the Akasha game for key 27: look at life as an adventure, not as a struggle and me being a victim of circumstances. It also stated good questions: where do i feel out of sync with life and what causes me to fall out of sync. Looking at my life from that perspective i could see that my refusal to pay attention to my physical well-being, my hesitation to make people wait or simply say no, to spend the time to ask for help and create different structures for the workflow, not listening to my intuition all came into focus. Now i can say “Thank you” life for this provocation, being more aware of my shadow patterns is a great help. I can now laugh about this event and create change.

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