The Key of Discernment (Feb 03 – Feb 07 2020)

Discord DiscernmentEmpathy

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Empathy (13) is the Beauty (1) of Rapture (30) 
GIFT: Discernment (13) is Fresh (1) Light (30)
SHADOW: Discord (13) is the Entropy (1) of Desire (30)

This week Gene Keys 13, 1, and 30 interwoven.

Feb 03 through Feb 07 2020

Gene Key 13


Listening Through Love

“The great challenge is to listen, to open our eyes, minds, and hearts, and read the secrets that are written all around us, inside us.

When we listen from our heart, our soul, then we begin to see hope in everything around us. In listening to a higher frequency, we first of all have to resonate at that frequency. Our whole body has to vibrate at a higher frequency, and then we feel more of the truth. We feel through our body, our organs, particularly through our belly, and we begin to feel the higher purpose within things. The more we listen in this way, holding someone’s higher purpose always foremost, the more we’ll emanate that through our listening, and the more others will feel that trust emanating from us.

True, deep, heart listening brings all human beings into sympathy.”

– Excerpt from The 64 Ways





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