The Key of Determination (Nov 28 – Dec 3)

Inertia – Determination – Invincibility

Nov 28 through Dec 3 2018

Gene Key 9

The Power of the Infinitesimal

“The magic of the 9th Siddhi is that it can reduce everything down to its essence – and the essence is love.

It’s this spirit that makes us invincible – all the yin qualities – softness, surrender, yielding, play, subtlety.

To be invincible, we must give up our identity, our attachment to the form. We must dive into life, and die to be reborn in eternity. Only that which has already died can be invincible, and then of course, there is no death. There is only our love, cradled in the palm of love, like a tiny hazelnut, eternal and precious and sweet beyond measure.”

– The 9th Way, the Siddhi of Invincibility

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