The Key of Detachment (Apr 11 – Apr 16 2019)

Expectation – Detachment – Celebration

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Celebration (42) is Clarity (57) of Awakening (51)
GIFT: Detachment (42) is Intuitive (57) Initiative (51)
SHADOW: Expectation (42) is Uneasy (57) Agitation (51)

This week Gene Keys 42, 57 and 51 interwoven.

April 11 through April 16 2019

Gene Key 42

Letting Go Of Living And Dying

“With the 42nd Siddhi there is only one manifestation occurring, and this is the state of Celebration. Everything is experienced as dying, just as it is with detachment, but the difference now is that something, somewhere deep within the vehicle begins to laugh. This laughter rocks the whole vehicle, since it emerges from the source of creation. The 42nd Siddhi sees the punch line of what it means to be human.

When someone has entered the doorway of death deeply enough within themselves, they discover the profound meaninglessness of existence. As this great truth begins to permeate them from the inside out, it literally kills off every aspect of their own identification with what they are.

The joke at the heart of all creation can only be experienced directly. It lives within the heart of every cell of your being.”

The 42nd Way, the Siddhi of Celebration


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